Coaching "Philosophy"....

I'd like to hear some thoughts on coaching philosophy.
We are told that Kent Austin has a plan to build a team based on a specific approach he has in mind ie: emphasis on passing, complex receiver routes, aggressive defence etc ( not quite sure yet what our defence is supposed to be though). To do this he is rebuilding the team with new players to reflect that.
On the other hand Corey Chambin has a team that is a mixture of many of our cast-offs and excellent Canadians such as Rob Baggs. He seems to me to be using a philosophy that uses his talent in the best way without being wedded to some big grand pre-conceived micro-plan. Maybe I am wrong about that but that's the way it looks to me. How else can our cast-offs shine so brightly? :cry:
I am wondering if a rebuilding plan built around a narrow philosophy is superior to the concept of, for example, getting the biggest offensive and defensive linemen(like Sask) ...the hardest running fullbacks...the fleetest receivers ....and then designing offensive and defensive schemes to make the best use of them.
The problem I see now is that when a team is wedded to a highly complex "system" it only takes a couple of injuries to make it all come unglued. And...can "big play" guys thrive in a complex system?
I do like the idea that Austin has about finding players who can play more than one position. But on defence it has, in the case of Saskatchewan, resulted in our linebackers being too small to be effective against their offensive line.
Am I overthinking all this...or has football now become so complex that only HC's with the most complex and rigid theories can survive?
Russ? Anyone else?