Coaching Philosophies

I'm always interested in coaching and their roster building philosophies.

I live in BC and have kept track of Buono and his consistent philosophies.

He believes in:

The importance of the 3rd string QB: From Garcia, Dickenson, Printers, Reilly, Jennings. All third string guys who have moved to starter/excellence. He has stated that if the 3rd string is not ready to overtake the second string then he is cut after year two. Everything is about succession.

Field Goals: He has stated that nothing is more demoralizing to an offense than to move down the field and then miss the FG. So he always wants the good kicker

Running Game: Will always try to have two starting calibre RB on the roster and rotate. Wants 5-6 ypc

Ratio: Always will start a ratio busting Canadian somewhere almost every year.

Leadership: Is known to establish a leadership committee of players who came to him with suggestions

Termination: Is somewhat ruthless. When a player's greatest strength is slipping eversomuch they are replaced before that slippage is acknowledged.

What are other philosophies?

I should have added that he also believes: If you cannot play special teams he is not interested in that player.

Obviously when it comes to modern day coaching - the gold standard is Mr. Bellichick. In college its that volatile Nick guy from Crimson Tide - but Tide is more about having the best and brutish players in the land, a bit less about coaching. It showing in the college title game, didn't it vs. underdog Clemson.

Obviously, Billy B. drills his players with form and content. Even the slightest nuance is covered. If they can't follow the script Bill don't keep 'em around. Love or hate the Pats, the attention to detail is amazing - mental errors are few and far between. Even tackling angles and recovery from a missed tackle to get in on the action a few yards downfield. All about maximizing gains, minimizing other teams yardage. Clock management and use of timeouts are pretty close to impeccable.

Other thing that I don't see in guys like Milanovich, Austin, Corky & Iron Mike O'Shea. Their game adjustments are non-existent to mediocre. O'Shea will try the same garbage until he's down so badly it doesn't matter. He thinks he's hiding adjustments for the next game. Austin often makes a few offensive adjustments but overall his defensive adjustments are usually atrocious - leading to those now famous temper tantrums. Corky & Milo were just caught with their pants down - mediocre rosters that can't adjust because they haven't received adequate training. Corky looked like a coaching superman in Edmonton cuz he had Mike Reilly - and a well above average roster. Recipe for success.

With short training camps, CFLPA rules regarding short practice sessions, days off after games, short weeks, etc., most CFL teams, even the best ones don't peak until well into the final third of season. Just look at Ottawa - that group peaked at exactly the right time - after barely sneaking into the playoffs. But when they had all hands on deck, the practice and drudgery of repetition paid off. Made Henry Burris into a national hero - and Porky Campbell into a minor coaching legend. :cowboy:

Coaching Philosophies Letting all coaches on the team be responsible for there area of expertise. Some head coaches try to control everything, do everything. Wally watches, stay's cool, looking at the big picture. Not a control freak.

Toronto has a brand new one, no GM or coaches. Just let the players get back to drawing up plays in their hands or in the grass. Right back to the roots of football. haha, Sad really.

I mentioned this before but the 2015 Eastern Final it was either Austin or Condell that made major adjustments in the game on offense and defense as well which were noticeable as a RB fan .

Not sure if you can take that away from the Ti-Cats in that lone example . Always felt the Cats never have had the bodies to get them to the promise land in the 2013 - 2015 years . They came close but no cigar .

Buono is a icon in this league .

Pretty hard to be a Belichik in this league where the players have just too many avenues to leave .

So far Rick Campbell with the huge helping of Dejardins , Nelson and Burris is holding his own of perseverance .
Not there yet with game adjustments but not far off .

I like O'Shea who is still learning and only getting better as he ages with the Bombers . It always helps when you have a QB like Tom Brady . Willy was definitely the weight and burden for O'Shea .

Real interesting listening to Wally being Mic'ed up. I think he was the most animated and talkative coach.

Good point - Wally was just being Wally.

Guys like Austin & O’Shea shut it down cuz they’re ashamed of their own on-field behaviour. Maas just stripped the thing off his body and said to hell with it - didn’t care about being fined big amounts or putting his organization circumspect.

Dickenson was the only one I saw who I felt was oblivious to the microphone!

Yeah Belichek is truly amazing.
His philosophy, to me , revolves around drafting football players, not based on stats. Just guys that are :
Can play football, not just a specific position. In fact can play several positions
Very fundamental skills, especially tackling and ball security
Stays away from "stars"
Will look at the underachieving "star" busts from other teams occasionally and rebuild them
Will not be near top payer for most, if any , positions. Never in cap hell.

I think if he ever fell into a top 3 draft pick he'd trade down. Shocking that given they are NEVER in a high draft spot (because of their success) that they maintain their excellence

And an interesting quirk-he prefers lefty punters. Feels the reverse spin of the ball puts doubt in the returners.

Mind you Brady makes it ALL easier! And he's never been near the top paid QB in the league. He gets it.

I rarely see a Pats player “wash off” on a play. btw washing off refers to purposely taking too steep an angle in pursuit so as to avoid physical contact with a punishing runner. Washing off can apply in a variety of situations, not just the example I provided. You can wash off in pass coverage, wash off in pass or run blocks and worse - wash off on special teams. In Bellichick’s world 'If you wash off, you’re probably washed up!"

Yet I see plenty of washing off, even on top 12 NFL teams - too much on CFL teams and the most on limp biscuit NHL teams like Colorado, Winnipeg & Toronto (up until this year for Toronto, Babcock, almost the equivalent to Bellichick in NHL has the Leafs really minimizing their “wash-offs”.

Other that when he was GM only. then he was a micromanager and couldn't let go

Actually I think of Buono as a total control freak.

Moreso when it comes to personnel. I've noticed Wally lets his coordinators coordinate and seldom stooges them on the sidelines.

But I'm sure he's biting his cud and blinking like crazy cuz he's been unable to unearth the next Warren Moon, Matt Dunigan, Damon Allen, Mike Reilly (oops, he actually let Mr. Reilly go), etc. Jonathan Jennings is a good start - but if Jennings lites it up this year - he's as good as gone to the NFL - as a solid #2, spot starter!

I'm pretty sure Lulay will garner huge consideration as the next BC head coach - the guy is damaged goods (arm shot) but he still hussles around like a house on fire, collecting a nice pay cheque. I admit to admiring his positive attitude and dedication to the Canadian game. He'd be a good OC if someone like Paul LaPolice got yanked from Wpg. to head coach in Toronto, etc.