Coaching personalities

One of the great things about the CFL is there are fewer teams than other sports leagues, and thus you can get to know the personalities of the coaches and many of the players…my take on the coaches:

You have Danny Barrett, who, but for the five game losing skid, looks like a guy who really genuinely enjoys what he’s doing (mind you a five game losing skid would dampen the spirit of anyone);

Then you have calm and cool guys who display little emotion on the sidelines, like Wally Buono, Maciocia, Daley, and Higgins (although for Ned Flanders, his lack of demonstrable emotion might be less control of emotions and rather stunned confusion about the two point convert rule, since he still doesn’t seem to have a clue about how that is supposed to work).

Paopao shows emotion sometimes, Pinball is, of course, Pinball, and that leaves two extremes:

Marshall in Hamilton…certainly a man who passionately cares about what is going on. I love to see his colourful displays of emotion on the sidelines, but someone should get him a valium and tell him “calm down, it’s just a GAME”, before he has a heart attack.

Matthews in Montreal…usually just stands there looking like an arrogant s.o.b…oh wait, that’s because he IS. Mind you, with his record, he’s entitled.

this may be the only time daley is compared with buono. someone should clip this out for him.

Don't confuse Daley's calm exterior for any type of reserved intellect....or that he has total grasp of what is actually happening on the's just the look of ' I wonder have they caught on to me yet' and ' how long can I keep perpetuating this coaching fraud....bring back Rod RUST....PELEEEESE...before the seasons over... :wink: I'm pretty sure Daley also attended the Ned Flanders school of coaching...along with Higgins..

i think daley's expression is that of a animal caught in a trap.

If this true, next game we should expect to see him trying to chew his leg off so he can run his den in Calgary..

Buono - Has that confident swagger look about him... hmmm 9-0? should be coach of the year
Machocha - ( too lazy too look up correct spelling) Confident & organized, hard not to look good with EE's lineup
Higgins - Nerdy with a squeaky voice...BUT hes wearing a grey cup ring...hard to knock a guy with success like that.
Barrett - The Ulimate players coach - unending opitmisim, but frequently needs a wake up call to reality.
Daley - Has that Deer in headlights look, he just doesnt look comfortable being a head coach. I think he is best suited to an assistant position... Look at Ritchie in BC
Marshall - Really intense Coach and shows his true emotions for all to see....I Love it
Paopao - Looks like a tour Guide to some exotic seriously I like Joe he is a players coach and gets dumped on unfairly sometimes.
Clemons - Probably the classiest coach and by far the Biggest motivator. without him & Old man Allen Argos would be an average team.
Matthews - Read above description by Mad Jack..Arrogant yes..extremely successfull ..yes