Coaching Options

I am not sure if I would choose Paopao as the next HC. I don't know if Marshall should be fired but if he is Paopao is not the answer. He can't get an star studded offensive lineup to get going. I don't know if he is just doing this so he will get the HC job or not.
I do believe we have a candidate in house though. Ron Lancaster is an amazing coach and he already knows the lineup and probably the playbooks. He could be a good option to finish the season with and search for another HC at the end of the season if needed.
Who knows maybe he could convince DMac to come back here as a coach this season. I think DMac could be a huge asset for this team as a coach.

If Lancaster was coaching this team we would not be 0-4 in my opinion.

At the time change was needed but I insist that Lancaster (Like McManus) was never the problem.

If Marshall was to be let go (dont hold your breath) i would have no problem going with Lancaster, but im sure not too many people would agree.

I sure hope PaoPao doesn't get the HC job

If Marshall was to get fired I would like to see Ron Lancaster take the job.

When he coached before they were able to generate a lot of offence and make proper half-time adjustments.

I also don’t think Joe PaoPao would be a suitable replacement. He never seemed to get the most out of his players in Ottawa.

Well, it looks like a lot of people will get their wish. Say tuned for the press conference.

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