Coaching moves this season and next!


Just in from Marty York. Coaching changes in the CFL.

  1. Montreal's Head coach will be Danny M. from Edmonton who will be fired or Jacques Chapdelaine from B.C. All press conferences will be in Spanglish.

  2. Edmonton will hire Ronnie Lancaster who will be fired from Hamilton. Hughie Campbell will come of retirement and play.

  3. Dave Ritchie will be hired at Hamilton or OTTawa.
    Dave will get the job because he will fib in the interviews and say he is only 39 years old.

  4. Winnipeg will fire and hire Troy Westwood. Pony-tails will be mandatory for all players. Chris Walby will be hired as MASCOT.

  5. B.C. will move the emergency room of the Vancouver General Hospital to BC Place Stadium to deal more effectively and quickly with Dave Dickenson's injuries!

  6. Calgary will hire all five Sutter brothers to toughen up the stamps.

  7. Toronto will hire Doug Flutie as offensive co-ordinator and head coach, Pinball will sing the national anthem and give half - time motivational talks.

  8. Saskatchewan will re-new Danny Barrett's contract but dye the new general managers hair green from red. A statue of Paul McCallum will be built in the middle of Wascanna Parkway.

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Riders will Prevail

Excellent job Turkey, glad the Pipeline To Marty York is clear as usual! :wink:

Yes, funny stuff Turkey.

The one I like best is Walby as mascott.
Anything to get him off the broadcasts....