Coaching Movement and QBs

The first two dominos have fallen with Campbell and Claybrooks both gone.
Here is my guess for who coaches and QBs where in 2020.

Montreal…will resign Jones …and retain Adams as QB
Hamilton…Steinhauer will win coach of the year…Evans gets signed to an extension
Ottawa… wild guess but Condell will end up in Ottawa…just a guess but Arbuckle in the starting QB
Toronto…O’Shea will sign in Toronto…starting QB will be Mosoli with O’Connor as a backup
Winnipeg…Lapolice gets a 2nd chance…Nichols and Streveler will be back
Sask…No changes…Dickenson as HC…Farjardo is already locked up
Edmonton…Campbell will the HC…Harris is there and signed
Calgary…No changes…Dickenson as HC…MItchell is locked up as QB
BC…Maas will be fired in Edmonton and resurface in BC as the HC…Reilly is still the QB

The wildcard for QB will be Collaros. As a secondary prediction, Collaros ends up in Toronto and Mosoli ends up in Ottawa.

I’ll see by March how I did with my predictions.

Your predictions are bold, but not altogether unrealistic. I’m coming to terms with the fact that Masoli is likely leaving the Ticats; I just hope he doesn’t end up in Toronto.

I’d still like him to stay, but don’t see how the Cats can do that and keep both him and Evans happy.

I would like to see OTT develop their own QB. It is something other teams have had to do, and something this incarnation of the OTT franchise has not yet done in its history.

…really? that’s surprising to me, I would’ve thought the Ticats keep Masoli and trade Evans…

That’s a viable option, and the only way to get something in return if we can’t keep both of them.

One issue is that CFL trades rarely deliver anything more than a short-term payback, since player contracts are so short and draft picks so unreliable.

The big unknown about Masoli is how will he recover from his ACL injury? And the fact he will probably not be ready for the start of the season.

I believe Collaros was not himself after coming back from his ACL injury, besides the subsequent bout of concussions.

Part of Masoli’s game is his threat to run and if that is taken away, his “value? unfortunately will be greatly diminished… but hopefully not for his sake and future.

That is certainly the prevailing wisdom on the internet.

As for the actual facts … Collaros played 7 full games in 2016 after coming back from the ACL injury, and before future teammate Charleston Hughes body-slammed him into a concussion in an Oct 1 game. In those 7 games, Zach was 182 of 273 for 2,411 yards, 17 TDs and 7 INTs. Projected over an 18 game season, that would be 6,200 passing yards and 44 TDs.

After coming back from the Hughes injury … well, at that point ZC was no longer his old self.

I’m curious to see where some of the backup QBs who have failed to reach their hoped-for promise end up. There seems to be a lot of them this season:

Dominque Davis
Jonathan Jennings
Antonio Pipkin
James Franklin
Brandon Bridge

Even Collaros, though he doesn’t quite fit with the above group, it’s difficult to predict just where he’ll be and what role he’ll have.

Will any of these guys prove to be quality starters (again)?

Which of them (if any) will be totally out of the league next year?

…I think that question will be answered by how he performs in Sunday’s game…he played a great game against the horsies to finish the season and definitely raised the legitimacy of his ability to lead a team again…but was it a one-off? if he performs great again on Sunday, regardless of the actual game outcome, then I think he stays a legit contender…if he falls flat and loses, or worse gets injured and leaves the game prematurely, I would believe his days are numbered…