Coaching for 2016 - Status Quo

No changes including the Head Coach.

Well Im certainly not happy about Popp returning as Head Coach, dont think anyone is.

Come on Richard, though you kind of expected it, even you can`t be happy. :smiley:

More important than us though is how the Montreal football market will accept it.

Plus right now, Kevin Glenn is the projected starter.

more info at ... aineur.php

F*ck this team and ole man Wetenhal! Absolute friggin garbage. Johnny needs to cool off before writing anything else. :x

That can change with free agency, no Head Coaches though will be available in free agency.

"Teflon" Popp keeps his jobs.

6-12. Worst record since coming back.
He remains as GM and HC.


Corporate world or any other CFL team, he would be job hunting.

[i]Popp, head coach in 2001, 2006, 2007, 2013 and 2015. Each time he HAD A LOSING RECORD!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Obviously not with the Als as Popp gets whatever he wants in that organization. When this stuff happens elsewhere, people jokingly speculate that the person must have compromising photos of those who are supposedly at the very top.


This is the right option right now. Keeps the entire staff for another year and lets Popp start working right away on rebuilding his roster for next year. This is an old team on defense. There are many needs and wasting two months to hire a HC and then another two months fixing the rest of the staff because of the fallout with rejects would not help the situation.

Als had the best returner, best defensive end, best running back and the best kicker in the league this year... There is the making of a very good team if we can fix the offense. This lets Calvillo and Dinwiddie get a head start, makes it more attractive to convince a guy like Trevor Harris to consider the Als and allows Popp to immediately start working on personnel needs for next year.

Add that there is no "sure thing" Hufnagel, Austin type out there available anyway.

Sheldon, I am happy with the decision.


Encore une fois, je suis déçu parce que Popp n'est pas un entraîneur-chef. Je ne lui confierais même pas une position à entraîner. Mais bon, c'est lui qui revient l'an prochain et il faudra voir ce que ça va donner. Mes attentes sont plutôt minimales, mais mon appui pourrait être décroissant lorsque (et non "si") les résultats se feront attendre.

As I said elsewhere, last time Popp stayed on he made a major roster overhaul and I expect that he will do the same this time.

Yes it's a mistake with Popp. Wrt QBs, Glenn is adequate but no more. But there may be a few veterans available, i.e. Tate, Lulay, Ray or Harris.

Harris is in a very different category than Tate/Lulay/Ray; a younger and healthier (less battered?) option but also less proven. I expect the Argos will go all in on him and let Ray go.

This is the most encouraging thing to come out of today from an Als perspective: ... h-1.391093

Supposedly on Als This Week, Popp said Glenn, Boone, Bridge and Cato will be back. He is worried about Crompton's injury & Marsh basically had his chance.

To me, that sounds like Marsh is definitely not coming back + the rumors of Crompton retiring is likely true.

IMO he is several (4-5) years away from being ready to be considered as a HC.

Not talking about the weak HC talking point in the TSN piece but rather the fact that Anthony laid down the law at that press conference. I've never heard him straight-shoot like that before and I welcome a change in the entitlement culture that has sprung up in the past few years, just with him as OC. (I also wonder who he's referring to specifically, besides Michael Sam; I have my suspicions that a few folk on the offensive line might be the culprits here).