Coaching fiascos of late....

..Whats with the coaching ranks in the CFL...are these moves causing a credibility problem for the league?????....first the Higgins/Hufnagel debacle in cowtown...then the Taaffe 'im going/not going scenario in the Austin heading south ... and the latest story out of Montreal that Popp had talks with Thorpe to return to the Als. organization after he signed on with the Esks.(sounds like tampering to me) Are the stars aligned strangely of late???? or is it just me...strange days indeed.. :lol: :roll:

I haven't read that article about Popp yet, but if that's what he's trying to do, that's pretty crappy on his part. :expressionless:

Must have been a full moon for the past little while.....

First of all, the article was written by Herb......never believe Herb until you hear if from the Als head office.

Now assuming it to be true, IMO it would be tampering but looking at the Austin case, does tampering even exist?

It is only tampering if the guy is under contract AND the organization that holds that contract does not give its permission.
With Austin, Ole Miss asked ET for permission to talk to Kent, and he gave it.
With Popp and Thorpe, the rumour is no permission was sought, none given, so that would be tampering.
However, traditionally, coaches are never held to contracts if “better options” present themselves.
If Thorpe were offered the DC position in Montreal, that would be a promotion, so it is unlikely Edmonton would hold him to his contract.

Who cares as long as JMAN's campaign works out!

These stories are just typical media muckraking. Don't read the newspapers then there is no problem.

Debacle in cowtown! EWhat the Stamps finally go the coach they have been after. Higgy is a nice guy and everything but the performance of the teams did no improve after the first year of taking over. Did he fail to me he did to a degree that he could not take a talented Offensive team to the next level. His fault or upper managment not sure. But thats face the facts Higgens was not the ownerships first choice to begin with. Now that the man they wanted was available they have him. Debacle I think not!

It was totally a was handled completely inappropriately, and I would strongly suggest those who comment the coaching change was handled properly would have their heads firmly planted in the sand.

:lol: :lol: Right it would be a debacle if they made a poor choice in replacement. But Higgens failed and the guy they wanted was available. They took Huffer before someone else did. Can not blame them.

Perhaps not a poor choice in replacement, but a definite distraction and outright lie from the uppers in the organization...I can't blame them, either...if someone leaked the news of an employee of mine being fired before I fired them, I'd be mad, too...still, it was a horrid display of information management, and it's insanity to argue otherwise.

I am sure the ownership did not plan on a leak so again no debacle other then yes it provided entertainment for one opportunistic reporter. Iam sure Prider nation was happy with this time of distraction. But as a Stamp fan this will only make this organization that much stronger for the future. As Ronald McDonald would say " I'm Luvin It"
Debacle is for non Stamp fans!

...and yet, he argues otherwise...

I'm also sure the owners didn't plan a leak...if they planned a leak, it wouldn't really be a leak, would it? Regardless, they were responsible for placing the information with people who did not secure it...that is where the debacle starts...

Actually they did. But it was failure of that party to keep it a secret. The owner did not leak it to anyone other then a person he trusted. That trusted person admitted his failure. That person was one Eric Bishop. And Mr. Francis the low life that he is took it further. It is funny because Mike Petrie of the Herald knew yet did not make a statment on it. He heard from the same source funny huh! Debacle no!

Think what you want, as you usually do, but the mismanagement of information from the top is to blame for that was his crap judgment of who to trust that led to insecure information in the first place...and no, I don't find that little tidbit funny.

Well JM02 I would expect youre opinion to lean that way. Yours is different then mine. That is fine. But what I have stated is a fact on how it happened. You do not have to agree with me. I would not expect that in any way. But debacle is only for those that are not Stamp fans. Do you see one stamp fan posting it was a debacle. Yes a distraction for the team in the playoffs but I assure you that ownership did not ewxpect this to happen. I truly hope they take Francis and tape him to a goal post for a week.

...just because it's fact doesn't mean it's appropriate...

:lol: :lol: :lol: Right!

So the story is now the Eric Bishop heard it from the owner. And then went on to tell two different reports....Mike Petrie and Mr. Francis. Well if that doesn't sound like an ownership leak then I don't know what does.

Come off of it. RW05, the management and ownership of the team bungled this issue right from the beginning. You can't blame the reporters for doing their job. To me this wasn't an issue of coaches it was a management and ownership issue.

Well Mike you know regardless you want to paint a picture the way you see it. No big deal the same as Austin knowing dam well he accepted the job when he went down to ole Miss came back and proclaimed there is nothing to this that it does not hurt to go listen. Ya right! He got back had the house up for sale, started packing then low and behold a few days later makes the statment " Its not for the money if it was I would be staying here! Right that see stay in Canada's siberia or live in the deep warm south coaching american football and possibly open a door to coaching in the NFL. Yup what would I do. Thats see the same maybe. But if you believe on his return that he did not have the job then your a big fool. :lol: :lol: You see it works both ways my friend. The thing with the stamps that story was in the press not made up. Unlike the Austin story is pur conjecture and I believe that is the way it went. Kent turned his back on the priders not once but twice :lol: :lol: :lol: Maybe JM02 can help me here but is there a saying once fooled twice its plain stupid.