Coaching Errors in Winnipeg.

I have been impressed with the Eskimo coaching staff so far this year but there were in my view a few gaffs made be the coaches in Saturdays game.

First, there was a big gain by the Bombers on a pass to Denmark that appeared to be trapped on the turf. Why was the challenge flag not thrown, the spotters clearly messed up.

The other problem I had was that on 3 occasions the Eskimos were third and one or less than one and we kicked the ball away. The coach has to have the confidence in the offence to pick up that yard. Not only does it not show confidence in the O but it leaves the defence on the field to long. Let's gamble a little bit, no wonder Winnipeg had swagger when the coach doesn't have confidence in his team.

On Denmark; I agree the flag should have been thrown upon replay after the Bombers ran another play after the said play. Looked like a catch when the play happened but was inconclusive at the time. In other words; give kudos on the benifit of the doubt. Winnipeg was fired up and had the momentum, who knows perhaps they could have made some third down gambles and the bottom line is they were outcoached. It wasn't bad coaching...Why? Reed has faith in Duval who's having a great year in the punting department and thus has confidence in his D to hold Winnipeg in their zone on many occasions. Eskies had no answer for it = couldn't stop Buck running Winnipeg's O. Bad coaching: NADA.

Did not say that Reed is a "bad coach" I said that in my opinion there were coaching errors made and they will hopefully correct them. The guys up in the spotters box screwed up, plain and simple. If TSN has time to show the missed call, the spotters should have it far ahead of the broadcast. Also IMHO not gambling on third showed not only a lack of confidence in the O-line but gives the opposition a boost and a rest.

Right after that play the Bombers did a hurry up to get another play off, I think if there were a few more seconds Reed would have thrown the challenge flag.

That's quite possible and more than likely true. However, from the spotters up stairs and from what I seen on the live play; it was the benifit of the doubt. After another angle of it by TSN it was clearly evident after another play was run though. So in essense; tells me that Duane Forde had thoughts on (No) it wasn't a catch. Flip side; Winnipeg deserved the victory.

I only saw the highlights, but I wouldn't put this one on the coaches; I'd put it on the players. Edmonton was flat out outplayed. Ray had 5 turnovers. 5!!! The o-line gave up, what, 4 sacks? The defence gave up over 160 yards on the ground.

Maybe Reed could've thrown the challenge flag, maybe he could've gambled on third-and-short, but to be perfectly honest, I doubt any of that would've changed the outcome. On August 5, Winnipeg was better than Edmonton. It's really that simple.

It was a team effort to be sure, just saying the coaches share in the blame.

As far as the 3rd and short plays, Our O-line isn't very powerful and Joseph is even less good. I'd like to see Bertrand take the short yardage snaps, as a former college QB he's gotta be able to throw a dump pass on occasion from their too. Just an idea.

I like it, hope Kavis reads the forum.

With that said, I wonder what is going to happen down the road as far as QB Matt Nichols is concerned. He's always on the injured list, thus (he's not hurt as far as I know) Flip side: Good thing he is because a team would claim him in an instant. Cam Ward (#3 QB on the roster) on the other hand was the fill in holder for Duval, only because the former holder (Nowacki) was hurt but now is back from injury. What I'm saying is; I'd like to see Nichols play as the Esk's have him as the future heir to replace Ray. But heck, Ricky Ray has a lot of years a head of him yet I say. Wait and see next year perhaps? :?