Coaching Decisions

Against Montreal we were down 16 points when we scored a TD. The coach made the decison to go for one point. Not sure why, I mean two TD's and two 2 pt conversions and the game is tied.

Against BC we are down 10 points and the coach elects to go for a two point conversion.

Both these decsions look bad. Whats up Coach?

I was going to ask the same thing. I was at the game and we couldn't figure out why the two point conversion. Kick the single, go for the on-side and tie it with a field goal. Did they interview Taffe? Did they ask?

BTW The Ti-Cats played really well. Look after Jesse Lumsden. He will be a star for your team for a long time. Too bad you got the short end of that Pass interference call in the End Zone. If anything, BC should have got called for Offensive PI. Chin up though, I think the Ti-cats have a great future ahead of them.

One point conversion, win the on-side, tie the game with a field goal. Sounds good.

But then, TWO point conversion, win the on-side, WIN the game with a field goal.

Since you're pushing your luck anyway, might as well go for the best possible result!

But by missing the two point, you have to go half the distance of the field instead of 20-25 yards. Just my opinion, probably why I'm NOT a CFL coach!

I like the aggressiveness of the call.