Coaching controversy in Calgary

Hot off the presses , John Hufnagel is interested in making a comeback and getting out of coaching-- wowsers! :cowboy:

not much else to do for excitement in sask, is there

Turkey must be bored.... he has written better press releases than this....

I think all these controversial controversies coming out of Sask will cause quite the controversial controversy :wink: if you had said he announced his surprise retirement I'd be a bit more fooled...

Hmmm... then maybe all the recent retirees would come back!... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

someone put a muzzle on turkeybend.
im sick of turkey's constantly flooding the forum with useless threads.

dont be such a sourpuss.

6 threads on page 1 are turkeybend’s nonsense.

i don’t think anyone would like if I were to flood the page with phoney headlines… :roll:

I find them kind of funny :smiley:

this guy is the reason everyone in the rest of Canada thinks Saskatchewan is 90% imbred.

wow, 6 out ot 50, what a flood.

try this

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Of course not because there is only one Turkeybend! :slight_smile:

I guess you would be the reason the rest of canada things Alberta are elitist rednecks who can't spell.

And I make a spelling mistake in my post. Awesome. :roll:

LOL... sorry.. that actually made me laugh... I am in big trouble... I am a born in Saskatchewan girl who now calls Edmonton home..