Coaching Confusion?

Who is the quarteback coach? As we all know Marcus Crandell has been retained to teach the QBs. However, on the Riders' website Jamie Barresi is still listed as the quarterback coach. In fact, I can't find Crandell anywhere at all in the team listings! Are the Riders so disorganized they can't even make clear who is actually coaching the QBs? What about "Running Backs Coach & Special Teams Coordinator" Kavis Reed? In 2008 the Riders had one of the best running games in the league! What has gone wrong in 2009? The Riders return game is almost non-existent and they allowed Edmonton to take one all the way back for a touchdown in Saturday's game. What about special teams taking penalties for too many men on the field? Isn't it the responsibility of the "Running Backs Coach & Special Teams Coordinator" to know how many players are on the field? And what about the defense? The Rider defense seems to be susceptible to both run and pass in 2009! This team is allowing far too many points to be scored to ever be a contender! It seems like there is a certain amount of uncertainty among the units about who is responsible for the run and who is responsible for the pass. As "Defensive Coordinatore" Gary Etcheverry has to take resposibility for a porus defense! Having said that I think Mike Scheper "Defensive Line Coach", Nelson Martin "Defensive Backs Coach" along with Alex Smith "Linebackers Coach" have to share in any blame! Counting Marcuss Crandell the riders have a total of ten coaches. That is one of largest coaching staffs in the CFL. Curiously, there doesn't seem to be anyone in charge of receivers! Perhaps the Riders should hire another assistant coach! Seriously though, I wonder if the Riders' coaching staff is just too large which may be causing some co-ordination problems. Thoughts?