Coaching changes

Well folks - the fact that we need changes is very clear. So lets start guessing - and suggesting what we need to do

For me

Changes needed - Both CC and Taman in my opinion - need to go and the sooner the better.

What I think will happen is they will keep both for the rest of the season - ensuring that new rookies become so despondent that they leave and next year when they start a new - this will be a lost season were we didn't do anything productive at least to develop new talent

They need to get Benevides before the Bombers do.

I hate Chapdelaine. I’m so sick of his beautiful (seriously genius) plays and downright bulls**t gameplans. Chappy’s ego is so damn big that his schemes are more important than the players that he has. He seriously deserves a big middle finger.

I’d pick on the DC to but they don’t have one.

Dyce takes over tomorrow.

Taman HAS TO GO!


I have never ever been a supporter of a mid season coaching change , some thing has to be done as the team looks like that they are regressing not progressing and the coaching decisions are getting blatantly worse.
its almost like Chamblin is daring the Rider organisation to fire him, so if that's his wish let him have it with a dull axe as it hurts more than a sharp one.

if I was Reynolds I would have Taman and the Coaching staff come back to Regina on a different flight than the players.
and have them report to Taylor Field as soon as the plane arrives,
I would then meet them there with an axe and start chopping, first Taman then Chamblin.
Dyce can take over interim for Chapdelaine , and Quick, he's Chamblin's puppet and he does nothing so hes gone to.
the organisation has to take a stand that this is unacceptable and people will be held accountable.

this game p*ssed me off being from Wyoming and watching Brett Smith, yes he made mistakes, CC statement at half and stupid and uncalled for. CC looked like he didn't a crap the second half coaching the game. He needs to go TONIGHT!!!! before this team goes 0-18!!!

I agree that CC must go now. The only guy I think that has done a good job on the coaching staff is Dyce but we can't fire everyone at this point in the season. I don't know who the right guy would be at this point in the season but hopefully management has been working on it and have a suitable interim HC to fill in and audition for the spot.

As to Taman being fired I don't agree. I think he has brought in plenty of talented players but they aren't being used properly by our inept coaching staff.

I was saying that a month ago but now I've had enough. Yes they CAN fire anyone they want. What are the consequences? Lose the next few games? They WILL lose them anyways.

Taman has no idea how to fill a depth chart and he's lost without a US scout of which the one he has now has question marks.

I agree with everything but Benevides. Not as a HC anayways unless its only for the rest of the season. Next year a complete clean sweep except for lol of all things Dyce on ST. I do not want Benevides to be HC period. DC perhaps but no way in hell as the HC.

I like Benevides a lot. I'm in Vancouver so I've heard tons of his interviews and he is a top notch dude. Most impressive is what he has said in the months since he was let go. He basically hinted that he changed his style last year a bit at the urge of Wally and in hindsight he would not have done that, and been more true to himself. i really think he deserves another shot and i would be more than fine to give him that shot in Regina.

Fine give him a shot as the DC. I have no issue with that at all. He cleans that up and then in a year or two have a look at him as HC.

Listening to the talk show and there is some mention of making Chappy the HC. Lol yes that is the solution.. well on second thought maybe it is for this year and sack him too at the end of season

F**k no! I do not trust Chapdelaine at all. Watched him run the Lions offense for years. Stubborn, arrogant, and the topper is how he treated SFU a couple of years ago.

Not Chapdelaine. No, NO NO!!!

So what would be different with him and Cory? Stubborn, arrogant, ruining teams… Sounds like a dead ringer and besides like I say is we axe him too at the end of the season.

Agreed. He keeps running the same fricking offensive schemes as if we have Darian or Kevin in there. He also ignores our most productive offensive player. Did we even try a screen pass today. Both Messam and Smith have good reason to be disappointed with the performannce of both our HC and OC today.

Not to mention that I don't think it is worth sitting Allen for Miller who again bobbles another kick.

i agree Chappy has a big ego like CC, they both need to go. Person i would like to see for next year, probably not maybe a favorite, is ORLONDO STEINAUER from Hamilton. I like his energy on the sideline instead of looking like a lump of crap like CC.

That's Miller as a returner. As a RB Miller is way better than Allen. Not sure why Allen is still around myself. He has one good part of his game. He can run downhill and has strong legs on contact. His ball protection is meh, his hands are good enough (receiving) but does little after the catch. He is the absolute WORST backfield blocker in the league and generally looks lost for his assignment if the ball is not in in his gut. He seems to think that his job is to run the ball and that's all he needs to do. I really think the Sherritt pick in Edmonton was on him. It makes sense.

Dyce for the next week or 2 while they talk to Benevides.

ORBS were all over the screen....they tried setting it up several times. They also covered the gaps he went to the air. Tino looked okay at times...shockingly...but Watman was run over a lot and they never picked up the end all game...they kept keeping the RBs looking to block up the gut but never pushed him to the edge. It is also hard to set up the run and PA when you are down 14 7 minutes in. While they should have used the ground more...the passing attack was working while Smith was in there, and Messam beaked off he was barely could see it on the sideline. Honestly...I felt the ORBs would come out flying and then simmer...which is what happened...but the Riders squandered some opportunity and looked flat in the 2nd half. The D stepped up (a bit) for 2 - 2.5 quarters then got into extending a drive multiple times...then IMO quit along with most of the team....CC has officially lost the room

As for them pulling him...I assumed it would be for a series...what a joke. He did need to be sat and talked to about a ridiculous pass (don't care about his experience level on that pass) and the multiple was a good time to let him watch, but he should have been back at the latest 1st drive of the 3rd....realistically after 1 series or not pulled at all. He knew he Fd up.

The 1st TD of the 2nd half...I almost fn snapped...that was a low damned block that set up the entire run...should have been a penalty. that is so unsafe.

I am not sure what was the turning point...that...Smith being pulled....or Miller putting his second return on the ground right after...perhaps all 3 combined. Tino showed his longball ability...I have always said it...his long ball is pretty good, and he showed he has the ability to run...but he is just not mobile enough behind this line and needs to get rid of that ball way way way he should have been playing the 4th at that point, it should have been Price...but Chamblin, I think, knew his tenure was up by then. Tino may as well go at this point...the season is lost. IMO Tino and Miller should discuss who is driving and if they want to tow Chamblin with them

I think the only question is this...when Chamblin is not fired this week, what color do people where to the game in protest?

If it was me...Can Chamblin, Dyce to HC, McDiarmid to STC, ride out the season

Agree! Agree! Agree! I was a bit surprised when he was pulled and not sure that I would have done it myself at that time but did not have problem with it since that was a really bad throw. BUT myself I would have definitely have put him back in for the 2nd half. He was not playing badly. He was playing his guts out (and Sunseri played pretty hard too) under heavy pressure and they were hanging in there only 4 points down and the momentum was starting to come their way.

I think the moment that Smith started the 3rd quarter on the sidelines, he lost the whole team.

It's broken. CC as coach is an untenable situation. He MUST go.

"I think the only question is this...when Chamblin is not fired this week, what color do people where to the game in protest?"

Simple. If they dont fire Cory then no one and I do mean no one show up to the game except bomber fans . Send a message if the team refuses to make a move by next week then the fans need to show they will stay home and vote with their wallets and force them to make a move or pay the price in more ways then one.