Coaching Changes in Edmonton !!!

8) Edmonton Eskimos announce that they have fired OC and QB Coach Rick Worman !!!
  Kevin Strasser, Senior Offensive Consultant, takes over Wormans duties immediately !!

   Strasser had been previously with Montreal , before joining Edmonton  !!!

   Changes obviously come at any point of the season, even with a winning team !!!

   In that case, will Adam Rita take over the OC duties with Toronto, as rumoured ?????      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Interesting, Edmonton's offense did not look too good last week in the Calgary wind (they are a little one dimensional), but I don't think you can blame Edmonton's offense for their current record. Their defense is definately their weekness.


Im surprised they're doing this now, i could see early in the season but lately they've been great, but i guess they still feel there is major issues with predictability.