Coaching change!!!

After years of driving the Hamilton Tiger Cats into the ground Ron Lancaster is made interim coach. I can not believe it. Greg Marshall in his first year improved the team greatly and was CFL Coach of the Year. How quickly we forget!! Last year was not the best, but it does not take a professional to know that he has built a great team for this year and it was just a matter of time before it jelled and great things would begin to happen. These things take time and I think Bob Young has made one hell of a big mistake.

Although I love the Hamilton Tiger Cats and generally wish them the very best, I should not say this but I hope they loose the next two games - and badly. Just to prove my point that Greg Marshall is a great coach. I never thought I would ever make such a wish but this firing has made me livid!!

Obviously I'm not nearly as gracious as Mr. Marshall. But I suspect the mistake that has been made in firing him will unfortunately come back to haunt the team. What a pity!!!!

ok, you got two issues here. One, you might or might not have a point about Marshalls firing. However, Two, you are way out of line in saying that Lancaster drove the team into the ground.

Wishing them to lose just so you can say I told you so is very juvenile.

Nice first post though :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

If the cats should lose the next 2 games, how would that prove that Mr. Marshall is a great coach :?

For the record - I think it "stinks" too. :cry:

But give Coach Lancaster a break - except for the bankruptcy season of 2003, his record as head coach in Hamilton is very impressive.

Gotta agree,

Look, after Lancaster built the team up from the ruins when he first inherited it, he was unable to resign key players. We had major money issues here, which slowly decimated the team. The other teams in the league were continually signing our free agents. Lancaster did the best he could with the resources he had.
You'd have a hard time racing a Corvette head to head with a Cavalier.
Now he has the scouting network (which we never had) and the resources. Let's get behind him and the team. They need our support now more than ever. :cowboy:

Gotta go with Buckwheat and Caretaker on this one, I think Coach Lancaster got tired of us being the farm team for the rest of the league. He has resourses and all the support he needs now. Look out Argos.

really to have any semblance of logic attached to it, Lancaster would have to lose the next four or five games to even compare to Marshall.

at which point you could argue that Marshall got no more out of a crappy team than Lancaster did.

regardless Lancaster could coach circles around Marshall... literally... with a hoola hoop.


The 2003 season was one in which we had an insufficient coaching staff. No team in the CFL had as few coaches as we did, and it was simply because there was no money to hire any.

Same went for player personnel. Many established and experienced players left our team simply because we couldn't offer them sufficient money to stay here.

2003 was an anomoly. I love Lancaster and will always remember the back to back Grey Cup appearances he provided for us in Hamilton.

It's great to have a CFL legend associated with our team!

Good luck Ron and Greg!

Juvenile first post for sure.

Our caretaker did not want to make this move but felt for the betterment of the team, he had to. And there are funds to bring in people here and resign others according to the cap or cap system, whatever. Even the Almighty had to have 7 days to create this world, he needed the resource call time. Everyone needs resources to build what they want to build, even if they are the most divine of all.

So if the Almighty needed only 7 days to create this world, why does the Caretaker need 5 whole years to build one football team? :wink:

Have to ahree with Bob the Great Caretaker.
We did not have Money in 2003 to have good Team ..

Bob has Big Pockets Wants a Winner.
I see Big Things COmming ..May take a Game or two But will be there in the End..

I doubt that their are too many people around any league with the amount of experience Ron Lancaster has. That's gotta be a good thing. If the Cats win the next couple of games it doesn't prove that Marshall was a bad coach or vice versa. Move on, support your team and stop hoping for loses just to support some asinine point you aren't making!

ruff wrote:

So if the Almighty needed only 7 days to create this world, why does the Caretaker need 5 whole years to build one football team?
Well ruff, probably because our caretaker is truly, as his name suggests, a very caring person and had some other agendas in mind when he took control of this team, like giving a Canadian CIS coach a chance right out of CIS and focusing heavily on the off field product and that. But he has also has had a learning curve, he isn't as divine as the Almighty for goodness sakes, about running a pro football team and it takes time to really know that at the end of the day, it's primarily about winning on the football field and maybe a little less caring about other things.

I was just kidding Earl. Didn't you see my little smiley face winking?

Oops, yes, sometimes I go overboard and take things a tad too seriously. But then, you know, some people with their winks are still sort of trying to get at the truth I have found. :wink:

8) In other words, if the TiCats win their next 2 games, does that prove that Marshall was not a great coach ????????????? Hmmmmm !!! :roll:

according to his logic should Lancaster win won game over the next two it would prove that Marshall was the worst coach in the history of football... (flawed logic that is)

I really figured we were going to win Friday with Greg,but that he was over his head with the work load he put on himself and it was showing,I've been there before .

Marshall had to go. Not because of his qualities, good or bad, but to light a fire under the PLAYERS who actually supported Marshall.

That's all there is to it.


You write as though you are intelligent enough to realize that Bob Young made the only move available to him in view of Marshall's terrible record over the past three seasons. (14-25-1) This happened with an array of assistants and front office staff who have come and gone, and of course, some still remain.

The team has reacted in a completely professional matter, knowing that their first obligation is to please the fans
and therefore, made the only change that makes any sense right now.

Your caustic, vindictive attitude is completely counter productive here and I suggest that someone like you would do well for our beloved country if you were posted to a front line in Afghanistan where your anger and rage could kick some ass for a "GOOD" reason.