Coaching change request

I would make Austin give up his GM hat to concentrate 100% on his coaching duties. Overall, this team's talent is marginal at best and to get the best out of them, it requires a full-time HC. Also, it requires a full-time GM to upgrade the talent level because this roster is carrying too many guys who aren't up to snuff. NFL cuts are coming soon. I've never been a fan of airlifting NFL cuts into CFL rosters but this team needs a major infusion of talent.

Tilman is listed as consultant so he's on the payroll. I'd give him the title and the job. He's well connected and the best choice of what's out there to bring about the required player upgrades.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Only problem is that the real good NFL cuts don't become available until Labour Day, and by that time the Cats season
  could already be over for this year!!

   Do agree that Tillman"s expertise at finding talent, has to be utilized to it's full extent.

Good points. Austin is wearing too many hats right now, and with all the injury depletions to fill, he cant concentrate as much on coaching. IMO

Hopefully Austin hasn't taken on more than he can chew as the HC, GM, and VP of Football Ops as it would seem to be a difficult task juggling all three duties simultaneously.

heck, I was concerned last season when Cortez double dipped as both the HC and OC which may have affected his overall performance and decision making.

Agree , Tillman is the man and forget the history he deserves another chance :roll: thought I would stir the pot the morning after getting run over by the Green Machine!!!!

Good points by all, Austin is wearing too many hats and the proof is reflected by the play on the field. This is a repeat of last year when Cortez had too many hats on. Are the Cats that desperate for a coach when they dictate what position or positions they are going to hold. If Mitchell has any stones he will take the GM job away from Austin and promote Tillman.
Yes this was only the 4th of 18 games but the talent needs to be upgraded immediately. Other teams are more than plug in and play a player without and difficulty. Why can't the Cats do the same thing? I forgot the name of the tackle who got yanked in the first quarter of the Winnipeg game and was eventually cut. If this is all we have for player depth......were done.

OK, give the GM's job to Tillman and take the GM's salary away from Austin's pay cheque and see how that goes over. You don't pay two people to do the same job (that is unless Bob Young wants to throw more lazy money at this team).
Austin was hired as V-P of Football Operations, General Manager and Head Coach and collects those salaries because that's how much money it took to get him to sign here. Take any of those roles and the equivalent salary away from Austin and you have a contractual problem unless Austin specifically agrees to the demotion and pay reduction.

I like Austin becuase be comes off as a thoughtful person who thinks before he speaks. A thoughtful and itelligent person should be able to understand he is expecting too much from himself and he neeeds some GM help. If he unable to give the GM job away to Tillman. At least hire Tillman full time in some capacity to start fixing the personel problems immediately.
BC lost 6 in row and look how they turned their seson around. It's not too late to make the change now.

8) That player that you were referring to was OL Mike Ingersoll.

Too many injuries...too many changes.
Wait until after the season to see if more full time help is required.
Not being an experienced GM it makes it tough to learn that job, never mind HC and OC

Actually it was the Edmonton game,amazingly,he was kept on for the Wnp. game,didn't dress(4 man reserve) and was rewarded with a game chegue,money well spent!! NOT!!! :roll: :roll: epic fail when it came to recruiting this human pylon!!! We have to get better scouting,plain and simple!! :oops: :roll:

If he is getting paid for 3 postitions, then he better start showing something for all that $$$ If he cant, then he better give up GM and V-P and stick to HC And if he cant do that, then he is not the "team" guy he preaches to be.

Calling for the heads of the head coach and GM after only four games is a little harsh. How many games did the BC Lions lose a few years ago on their way to a championship?

wait in other posts ppl say we cant jum the gun we need continuity at the management coaching staff level and on here after for lil games we need austin to give up rolls hes wearing to many hats??? With all the injuries weve had i dont think vincent van goh could paint the perfect picture. I sure as heck wouldnt wanna be austin or any of the other coaches on this team right now trying to clue this thing together with are injury list. I say we ride the waves and see wear we sail when we get some healthy bodys back but we do need a running game and more better returns from lindey lamar or we look elsewhere

We don't bother running the ball much because the guys we have can only get a yard per carry, so all we do is pass. Solution, find someone who can run. Austin is at fault for not getting better talent.

The fact remains how Austin should not have been given the dual title in the first place.
In this day and age, it is not possible for one person to handle both.

The examples of Matt Dunigan in Calgary several seasons back, and the year Jim Popp tried to add head coach to his GM responsibilities would seem to back you up.

. . . but, to the contrary:

Exhibit A: Buono, Wally

Exhibit B: Hufnagel, John

Hufnagel and Buono have veteran teams. Austin's team is at best, a work in progress. A full-time HC would only help the situation. And a full-time GM could focus on upgrading the talent level on the team.

An Argo-Cat fan

barney: I would expect that the GM title is part of Austin's contract. That would make it tough to change.
I agree he has a lot on his plate but I think we have to let him do what he does for this season before reaching any conclusions.
Austin is a football-smart fella from what I have seen so we need to give him the benefit of the doubt in this early going.

The Tiger-Cat organization, under the direction of Bob Young, has a history of placing people into football operations positions for which they are not properly prepared nor fully capable of handling. It started with Greg Marshall as HC and then Marcel Bellefeuille and again more recently with George Cortez and now Kent Austin.
IMO, Austin's football resume does not support the notion that he should be entrusted with total control of the operation of the team by handing him the positions of V-P of Football Operations AND General Manager (positions for which he has zero previous practical experience to my knowledge) in addition to Head Coach. It's asking for problems IMO.