Coaching casualties after the 2009 season

Well I dont post topics too often on this forum but I thought this one might be interesting for some friendly discussion. Who do you think will be the coaching casualties after the 2009 season ends.

My choices would be

  1. Bart Andrus. Had an absolutely disasterous season in Toronto. I think this guy will be let go after the Argonaught's season ends this weekend.

  2. Mike Kelly. He has shown some flashes of brilliance in getting the Bombers back to the competitive level they have been in years past. I think that he has put his foot in his mouth too many times this year for the Bombers organization not to get rid of him.

  3. Kevin Strasser. He has not been able to put together a good offense since replacing Rick Worman. I seem to remember some comments on this forum that some of the Eskimos players might of been showing some frustration with their new OC.

  4. Kavis Reed. Had a pretty disasterous first half of the season as Special teams coach with the Riders. Remember all of the blocked kicks and punts the riders had earlier this season. Punt returns were also pretty disasterous as well. The Special teams problems have seemed to correct themselves later on in the season tho.

Andrus: I think Mohns and Rita will be let go before the coach is.

Kelly: Is safe unless Asper takes over in which case expect Bauer and his puppy to find the locks have been changed.

Strasser: Has a half a season in and like Andrus follows a long list of pro's who have not been able to build anything with the same blocks.

Reed: Isn't he in his first year ? Usualy takes two years to build a working unit.

Likely none of these guys are fired. Unless there is a change in ownership.

The following guys are more likely to be gone than the four you mention. Rita, Mohns, Maciocia, Tillman, Miller.

So then you dont think that there will be any casualties in the coaching ranks and more likely to be casualties in the head offices of CFL teams this year.

I mention this beacuse 4 of the 5 names on your list are not coaches.

as far as head coaches, i honestly dont see anyone being let go. not because of performance, but because of the money both winnipeg and toronto are shelling out for the coaches, and coaches that arnt there. if they let them go, they still have to honor the contracts. i agree some uper management might be shown the door.

Stasser came in late. i think he has another half season for sure... thats if they keep hall on. strasser is a stooge... does what hes told. cant speak for the riders guy. wasnt familiar with him. i would love to see no changes in the head coach job in the cfl. it would be fun to have all eight return.

But a side note... i think i heard wally hinting his days as a head coach might be numbered. he might want to move into just management next year.

Mohns and Rita have not produced for five years in Toronto and Andrus is th 4th. coach under these two in the last 2 years. Stubbler is still under contract and Bart is rumoured to make 475k a year so firing him would mean 1 million dollars down the toilet and I like what I see in him. Needs better talent feed IMO, He should have chosen coordinators with CFL experience too.

Tillman: Is due in court in January and it appears all attempts by his lawyer to get it thrown out or mediated have failed, if he his found guilty of anything inapropriate with a minor he's done.

Miller: Is a HC and may retire.

Maciocia is absolutely hated in Edmonton and it is starting to show in the attendance so who knows. He certainly deserves to be let go if they fail to make the post season.

These (just my opinion) are MORE likely guys to be let go than the four you mention. Miller however would be of his own choice as he's been rumoured to consider retirement.

I almost hope that Miller retires..

we have a really good team but we need a more aggressive coach!

he's so calm and dossile. need a Hufnagel type!

....not really a 'casualty' but Trestman has to be high on some NFL lists of possible HC replacements....the Raiders come to mind, Washington is a possibility, San Diego....

Yes, he is in his first year as special teams coordinator in Saskatchewan.

However, last season he was defensive coordinator in Toronto (and they were poor on defence last season).

Season(s) before that he was defensive coordinator in Hamilton (again, a weak defence).

So his track record isnt' exactly stellar.

......Kelly was seen getting a pat on the back at the stadium from Asper ...and that was after the 'banjo bowl debacle....doubt whether he's going anywhere ....Lyle Bauer says he's pulling the plug as soon as Asper takes over...should clear that up... :roll:

I said it last year when it was rumoured that he might leave to coach the Raiders... he'd be an IDIOT to join the Oakland Circus...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Jim "Jin" Daley! I'd be incredibly surprised if this senile old circus monkey still has a job come December (November if the Eskimos are booted early).

Certainly possible however, given the success he has had, if he wins a cup this year, from what I know this team has in the pipeline, he could very well come back to complete his contract and go for a repeat. He is not in a position where his stock is going to drop. In the contrary...

There was also chatter that Bob Wettenhaul would be looking at a +million dollar compensation to release Mark...

...chicken scratch to someone like Snyder or Davis, especially if it means some sort of respectibility brought back to their teams...

Well Asper would in fact take over Bauer’s functions, there is no role in Winnipeg for Bauer once the team is privately owned.

Pat on the back could mean anything…

Maybe he's looking for a good place to store his knife? :lol:

But seriously, doesn't Asper have better things to do with his time than day-to-day Bombers business? He'll need someone to take Bauer's place, maybe with fewer big-picture responsibilities.

I agree that everyone should stay away from the Raiders. But if Al Davis offers him $3,000,000 to coach the Raiders, how does he say no to that? (AFAIK $3 million is the average NFL HC salary) Maybe he only lasts a year and a half but that's still $4.5 million reasons to give it a try.

Maybe he actually pulls it off, becomes a coaching legend and gets a big raise. Worst case scenario is that he signs a cheap contract (only 1 or 2 million) gets fired mid-season and then half the teams in the CFL offer him a HC job.

I doubt that will happen. Last time old Al came knocking, Trestman's agent asked for 1.5m. When Al was told the news he reached for his oxygen mask... so 3m would likely finish him off :?

There is no way trestman could straighten the Raiders in a year and a half. After working in a winning organisation. I think Trestman will be looking closely at the undercarriage of whatever he is asked to drive in the future. My concern is that he takes Popp with him. That double wammy hit would be very difficult for Montreal to deal with.

If Trestman resigns, Wettenaul gets ziltch. That's what happened to us when the Don left Saskatchewan for Baltimore.

Things have changed a bit in 10 years :slight_smile: NOW there is an agreement between the two leagues that forces them to respect contracts :slight_smile: So if Mark walks away he can't work in the NFL until his situation in Montreal is resolved. Anyway he's got a great situation, Makes 500k a year, has a 800k condo in old Montreal at his disposal, company car and he can do whatever he wants during the off season and make more money.... And our buck is pretty much at par...

Anyone can resign from a job and take another job somewhere else. Look at Brent Sutter...left NJ and now in Calgary. Now, if Oakland CONTACTS Trestman while still under contract, that could be considered TAMPERING. That wouldn't be acceptable.

Oakland would not contact him because they would expose the NFL to a lawsuit and all contracts with NFL teams have to be endorsed by the league. Anyway I've told you they were not willing to pay 1.5 they surely won't woo him with 3 million dollar offers plus buy out his contract.

George Costanza would have liked this little piece of advice, he would have been able to be working for the Mets rather than the Yankees. Maybe Trestman has to put on Mike Pringle's pants, and drive around the parking lot dragging the grey cup behind him. haha