Coaching Candidates if Austin is relieved *only 3*

Paul LaPolice
DeVone Claybrooks
Orlondo Steinauer

1 of these 3 will likely be the next head coach in Hamilton. If Steinauer does really well in Fresno he will likely stay in Fresno for another season and if he stays, then doesn't get another job elsewhere in the NCAA, then I can see him returning to Hamilton but it will only work if Austin stays on for another season. If Austin is gone, and the Tiger-Cats go hard after him, it will come down to him being comfortable in Fresno, and we just wont know the answer until fall.

LaPolice failed as a head coach, but he is a respected CFL'er and also has improved overall as a offensive coordinator in Winnipeg. The offense is rolling, and he has been true to his word when he returned, he learned a lot when he was away and added to his coaching philosophy, studying the game intensely.

Claybrooks has done extremely well in Calgary and if Dickenson left while Claybrooks being on the staff, he would be promoted. But will Hamilton chose him over the 2 above? doubtful.

What about ?

Matt Dunnigan
Mike Benevedes
Richie Hall
Neil Thorpe
Anthony Calvillo
Rich Stubler

Dude, him getting turfed out of Winnipeg was a travesty. I’d gladly take LaPolice

  1. As far as your picks go.....
    Matt Dunnigan....disaster as a HC in Calgary.
    Mike Benevides.....disaster as HC in BC.
    Richie Hall....disaster as a HC.
    Rich Stubler....disaster as a HC in Toronto.
    Anthony Calvillo, oh please, he is far from ready to become a HC at this point.
    Neil Thorpe..... a possibility !!

I would be good with one of:


Can't believe you guys are ignoring Corey Chamblin.

A Grey Cup winning head coach and you can see what he's done with the Argo's D. You hire him as HC and you probably weaken the defense of a divisional rival all in one clever move.

That being said, I question whether Chamblin would agree to work in any football operations group led by Austin.

I like La Police. He was in the Hammer before as OC I belive in the late 90' A great football mind. He is very creative.

.....Paul is from Wpg. and just loves going home to his family who are long time Wpg. residents...Doubt that he wants to move BUT if Bob waves enough cash under his just never can tell

I'd like to see Young approach Buono or Hufnagel and ask them if they'd be interested in a challenge. If not one of those 2 ask who'd they recommend for theGM job let the new GM pick his guy.

I'd like to see either Thorpe or Benevidies get a shot at HC.

Just my thoughts

Pie in the sky or not

I think I would rather see LaPo take over as HC in WPG and the hated O'Shea come here.

If Austin is relieved won't they just have June Jones take over?

That could happen but you never known

Benevides record with BC was;
That disaster would be our best coach ever (13 wins)

I'm just wondering , just what does a 13-5 season look like ? Being a Cat fan I've never seen one of these .
I seem to recall what an 11-7 looks like but it was a long time ago around 16 or so long years ago in the early two thousands just a couple of years after we won some trophy called the Grey Cup . You all remember what the Grey Cup is don't you ? It's that trophy that every other team but us seems to win on occasion at the end of the season .

How many GCs did Benevides go to during this time?

Some posters here talk about how Austin took the Cats to 2 cups. Yes, he won the terrible east division twice with mediocre records.

The last year and a half have shown that the Cats made the cup inspite of Austin, not because of him. Maybe they would have won one with a good coach.

Must be hard for you guys to take. Do you think we could petition the league to expunge those Grey Cups from the official record? Just declare that the championship games were unopposed in those years.

I guess we just don't celebrate losing like some on here do....

I would like to see some new young blood injected into the club in the HC position myself, someone like Mike O'Shea who bring something fresh to the table and not someone who has had the HC job and failed, what would change? My thought is Khari Jones.