Coaching Calls

Bottom line...the coaches makes the calls...Glenn with his tunnelvision when it comes to triple coverage( and colour blind in the endzone)...maybe don't throw there?? Giving Cobb the ball in the red zone...never...use what got you there.... maybe pass it might be a little better than a fumble...and my favourite...3rd & short...first never give it to Cobb and the real stupid thing "never up the middle"... ( Cobb is a great back up to the scoring zone ) Give lazy Glenn a push and maybe a little outside play action...he could have walked a couple yards that play...even the water jugs knew the call . Gibson has improved his offence with some good plays and the defence overall are playing pretty well...well except for some broken coverage problems ? We have great stats but they don't win games...I believe we had them beat & out played them...people will say how great this one or that one played whenever but in professional sports you are only as good as game day!!

So don't let Glenn pass into the endzone, and don't give it to the running back. What's left?

Didn't you just say don't throw it into the endzone?

I know, you meant don't throw into double and triple coverage. He does tend to do that, doesn't he? Not always, but enough that it gets us into trouble.

Totally agree. Cobb is not a fullback. I don't think he ever claimed to be, and he's not listed as one. So why do the coaches ask him to be one on short yardage?

Like spread the defence? What a concept.

Except in total mismatches, most games are decided by one or two mistakes - turnovers, missed field goals, missed 3rd downs, blown coverage. We had more of these than the 'Riders, which cost us the game. Not sure I agree that we outplayed them. I think our secondary only made two stops all night; the rest of the incompletions were under- or overthrows. Not too bad against the run, and the offense was decent (other than the turnovers), but without defence, you're not going to win many.

It was quite obvious that Cobb, or Porter were not getting any openings on the goal line. My g'awd, why can't the OC send them to the outside????? :roll:

I think it will take 12 or 14 games before the coaches figure that one out....maybe some imagination???

I suggested that Glenn get his colours figured out when throwing in the endzone...he threw a beautiful dart to Saskatchewan in the endzone...great form and follow through...just to the wrong player...but he was in playoff mode in the first quarter...I thought it was going to be a blowout...what happened ?? I know the coaches have to quiet the boys down and put them back in NFL stage...slow and little scoring like 10 points in 3 quarters!!(a little sarcasm) Let that free wheeling,go for broke,CFL spirit live!!

Ditto and Ditto's so blatantly obvious that plays aren't being designed to augment player's strengths

It's also blatantly obvious that Cobb shouldnt be running the ball in the red-zone. They tried outside runs and he got stuffed every time cause the plays take way too long to develop. Solution: use a big back to push the line and fight for those two or three yards. That, or lead block.

Pseudo: Your solution is right of course.
Unfortunately that has not been happening all season. But they STILL call those futile, predictable plays. :thdn:

I didn't see any outside runs when they were on the goal-line. I saw more of the same...up the middle where it was plugged...AND for what it's worth...we got a bad call on what would have been a Cobb touchdown.

They tried running wide ONCE. Trafalis faked to Cobb, turned left 180 degrees to run out to the short side and got smoked for a 5 yard loss.

I still think the OC and maybe MB himself should be at least introducec to both Darcy Brown and Samuel Fournier our FULL BACKS

I'm not a fan of up-the-middle stuff, but if you must..YES use a fullback ( there are used so little I wasn't sure of their names)....something I've not seen in a while is some creative play calling with Thigpen...quick outs,play action calls or screens....we need to get old-man Glenn rolling out and running more( stop being afraid ),play action options...something a while back quarterbacks on drives used to call 2 or 3 plays ahead and keep the defence off balance with the hurry-up really makes it tough on a defence to read and get set.