Coaching blunder, QB mistake

I am just wondering if anyone has heard details of the late pick thrown by Mike Quinn. Watching the game live, I thought What a stupid call. Then when Mike Quinn did not come out for the next series, I thought Maybe he was benched for changing the play. Then Glen Suitor commented on the possibility Quinn changed the play.

Has anyone heard if the pass was the called play, or an audible by Mike Quinn.

Berry said after the game on the postgame show and again to the tv media that the call was either go deep left or soft, short yardage pass to the right with yards after the catch. They were lining up to present with either option and noticed the free safety was 10-15 yards back. This was a sure sign to go right with soft yardage as the safety was able to get over into double coverage. Quinn made the wrong call and went deep left. Apparently it was an obvious call to makeā€¦hence Quinn was benched.

should ahve put in Banks. :roll:

They did KK, he threw an interception to O'Shea!

should have put in Michna :roll: (cut again!)
should have put in Jones :roll: (now a reporter for CBC)
should have put in the other guy :roll:

So Coach Berry or his O.C. expect their 2nd string quarterback to make such a read

Hmmm....deep left...or short to the right?

and do that in the waning minutes of the game?

Yikes!! Panic

That guy looks open I better throw this pass quickly to him.

Pretty high expectation, I would say..