Coaching 1989 style.

Hey do you think maybe Kent Austin would feel the desire to phone up some old '89 roster buddies and see if they have any interest in coaching?

"Jurasin has returned to Saskatchewan on certain occasions and has his sights set on one day coaching in the league in which he was a perennial all-star as a player..." excerpted from Slam Sports

What about Elgaard?

What about Suitor?

What about Narcisse?

What about that big lineman with the Mustache. What the hell is his name? He has a show on cable 7.

Or what about Richie Ha--- oh wait we already got him.

Well Roger Aldag was in for a bit this year.

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Suitor has stated that he would like to coach, under the right conditions, and for the right team. Meaning, I think he would have been interested, under tillman for the riders...

Elgaard has a (successful?) business in Vegas, not sure if he would leave that, but unlikely for the insecurity of a CFL coaching job.

Not sure about Narco.


Can't have Elgaard and Narco. Can't have two receiver coaches. It would be cool though.