All right I said I would wait and see after a few games to make comments on coaches. Well after three games post Cory fiasco I feel there does have to be changes made in staff.

First to go would be Chappy. No imagination, no answer for pressure, no commitment to the run game or doing anything but run up the gut when he does run the ball. Oh and he can take his dead beat son with him as he was probably hired as a package deal then he can go as a package deal.

Quick I'm going to hold off on making a decision for at least one more game but so far I like what I have seen and he showed tonight he recognizes a problem and rather then let it go on he makes changes on the fly. Cory would have just stuck it out with the same personnel getting owned and be shocked when it happened. Quick moved Mertle and put Jackson on Williams and it was far better. So it shows he has some ability, again though not 100% sure so will see what happens in the next game maybe two before deciding.

I would fire Quick tomorrow morning.
He is useless. 2 dozen passes to the flat with no press on it once proves that.

in defence of Quick he was hired to be Chamblin's yes man not for his defensive abilities.

So what about Chappy and his answer to the pass rush or run plays? He has been the actual OC all season while Quick has in reality just gotten his feet into the water.

It wasn't a secret that Ottawa would be bringing heat and run stopping first so what great plan did Chappy come up with? I sure didn't see much different game plan then against any other team. That has been the knock on Chappy when he was with BC. He runs a vanilla offense and once you see it you know whats coming. What adjustments at half time did he make? Pretty obvious nothing and the red blacks had it figured out by then and the offense stalled multiple times.

Is Quick the right guy? Perhaps not, but again I will see what happens in the next game to make any decision about him. Chappy though I'm convinced is not the right guy to be running the offense.

I have a funny feeling this winter we will see a new Gm either Oday or someone else, and a coach Dyce or someone else, then I see some major changes happening!! at all levels. going to be an interesting off season for sure!

I hate Chapdelaine's fancy schmancy bullsh!t with no results. Running sweeps with receivers twice per quarter but never sweeps with the actual running back. Everybody knows that the receivers run reverse sweeps they're blowing them up for 11 yard losses now. It's so stupid.

For all of Chap's brilliantly drawn up plays they had less than 300 yards of total offense. This team has scored 70 offensive points in the past 4 games. :confused: His playcalling in the banjo bowl was downright embarrassing.

Chap draws up some truly brilliant plays. And he KNOWS it. This is his downfall. The genius of his x's and o's are far more important than the skills of the men executing them. There is ONE way to play football, Chap's way, no matter what type of player you are. The plays are far more important than what the defenses are doing to stop them so apparently there is never a need to adjust the scheme - why adjust such genius no matter how much it FAILS. The plays are far more important than the situation of the game dictates. Surge forward on 3rd and 1? Hell no, too boring. We need 4 guys in criss cross motion, with 2 fake handoffs and toss to the tackle eligible. That way we can all see how SMART and CREATIVE Chappy is when the pass falls incomplete.

Fuck this guy and his arrogant bullshit.

The funny thing is I saw little in the play calling that I would call fancy unless like you mentioned a receiver sweep is considered fancy. I saw no dump screens to Messam or Allen I saw no quick slants over the middle. I did see a couple of attempts at swing passing to Messan and he dropped both of those (tough game for Messam) after that they abandoned any sort of attempts at it again.

What I did see was the defense load up the box and them try running up the gut time and time again with little success.

So next we have Montreal again with an aggressive defense. Any takers on they have no effective run plans for that one? I say 90% chance they don't.

Coaches need some talent too.

We could not use Allen all night because of ratio.............coaches hands were tied. Allen is much better in space and catching than Messam..............but they could not because of our dreadful ratio situation.

And Taman traded away our 2nd and 3rd round draft picks for 2016.............juicy juicy picks gone gone gone. I would kick him in the nuts if I saw him.

Totally. Far too much NI talent has departed.

the Riders do have edmonton's 3rd round they are not going without. Long stretch between 1st overall pick and 23rd-25th for sure. It is shaping up to be one of the lesser OLman drafts in a while as well. With some of the good DL prospects being touted it would seem a good time to attempt to potentially unload one or 2 of the Rider's younger guys.

I remember when Taman came here , Fans from Winnipeg said watch Taman run your club into the ground, like he did to the bombers, I guess they knew something we didn't, I also remember a lot here did not like the move either until 2013, goes to show how quick a GM and or coach can run a team into the ground!! JMO

You can count me in with those that were not thrilled with Taman the first year. In fact I wanted him shot,hung, shot, again and urinated on by the end of the first season he was GM. I didn’t know that he really had little to do with the decision making at that time and it was Gramps calling the shots from what I heard. So I thought maybe I was too harsh on him and your right he did seem to make some good moves to bring in the right pieces to win us a Cup at home. We all realized the next year would be a bit rough as they had too many FA’s on the team and there was no way to keep them all, also some trades were done and again we had to sacrifice a couple of draft picks to get those players. Also the RB’s came on board and there was the dispersal draft hitting us even harder.

Last year things were running pretty smooth until of course Durant went down and the team has been in a tail spin ever since. There was obvious pressure to get a good MLB and so Foley was sacrificed to make that happen. I wasn’t thrilled about it especially after just resigning him not that long before dumping him. It was in my opinion a bit of a greasy thing to do to him but football is a business and if it really improved the run defense then while not thrilled about it I found it almost palatable. Of course our star MLB goes down in the first half of the first game along with our starting qb again.

Now no way can Taman be roasted for that but I think he tended to go over board when doing deals and was way too lose with draft picks. He was almost like a kid in the toy store and even though he knew he was over paying he just had to have it.

I think Taman was always trying to validate his position by trying to make a big splash signing too often. Oh yes the immediate reaction to these signing is the fans are impressed “look who we got” but when you got past the initial bright glow of it you seen what it also cost us. More often then not it was too much and now the debt is growing and it’s time to pay up. This year we have certainly been doing that and unless some contract can be renegotiated some of the most popular players may have to go.

That is what really could be the cost starting next year and to be honest it couldn’t be at a much worse time. While going into rebuild mode is never pleasant the fact that we are going to be moving into new digs after next season certainly doesn’t make this good timing. The last thing the team needs is to have another blown season and then trying to convince fans to pay more to help fill the shiny new stadium. How bad would it be for the team if we only get 20,000 fans showing up in the new stadium? Is it likely to happen? Probably not the first year it is open but if the team again sucks slough water and we are not serious contenders that season then things certainly could take a turn toward that in 2018.

I know this sounds pretty bleak and I certainly hope that this is not the road we are on but at the same time I’m not going to say it is an impossibility either. Whoever we have as the new GM he is certainly going to have a tough row to hoe and mismanagement is not an option. A few more bad deals really could start to send the wheels spinning off the cart.

I'm a Rider fan through and through and I was saying the same thing about Taman waay back when.

Taman likes to throw money at big names. He's a broken clock in that regard and like they say even a broken clock is right twice a day, and when Foley just happened to be the name he went after the broken clock was right. Then by sheer luck Chick became available and that's basically how the defense went from good to awesome. Other than Sheets I think ALL of the offensive weapons in 2013 were there long before Taman (Durant, Dressler, Bagg Getzlaf, Hughes). He added Heenan (which was a no-brainer - AND they never would have had a sniff at if it weren't for Taman's horrible personnel bungles of 2011) and Picard was a good move, as well as Geroy obviously. Labatte was good but not that hard to lure a home town boy for a Cup run with big time money. I will definitely give credit for renting Alex Hall that was very good move, but by no means was Taman some whiz genius who built up a championship team from scratch.

I did learn from Taman's time in Regina that he is top notch person with a good heart, but his skills as a GM are mediocre at best.

Funny I was actually a bit disappointed in the Hall rental to be honest. While he certainly didn't hurt the team I also don't feel we got the bang for the buck out of him either. I mean by that is he certainly wasn't as dominant a player as he was with the Bombers and that is what I was expecting to get.

To me hands down Sheets was the golden nugget of all the players he brought in. Yes the Oline gets lots of credit for his success but that guy if he got even the slightest of gaps he would not just hit it, he would explode through it and take many a defender along for the ride. The guy was flat out great and if he hadn't got injured he would have killed Cornish for the running title in my opinion. I think if he hadn't gone to the Raiders and had stuck here our run game would still be the envy of every team out there.

Perhaps Tom Higgins?

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