Agreed Jinred. AC would be like a dream. Durant continually talks him up and states how much of his footage he could be an amazing match. That said, supposedly there is a job waiting for AC under Trestman.

KJ, IMO, is not the right guy. I think ideally you want your QB coach to be a bit of a contrast to the pivot's natural abities and attributes. DD is a top end athlete, and very mobile, and IMO that is why Crandall did so well with him, as well as Jones. Both were pocket passers (I don't think that either averaged over 200 yard per season on the ground).

As for Willy, pretty hard spot to be in...#1 guy is only going to absorb so much from someone with so little actual experience.

I wouldn't be shocked if there is someone helping out with the position.
For me, AC would be a dream, as would Garcia, but both are unlikely. Someone like Jim Kelly or Dan Fouts or Kerwin Bell or Dan Fouts

thank you both for agreeing with my previous post ,thank thank you very much,LMFAO.
by the way I have never said get rid of durant ,never.

I have clearly stated that any player will do better with the right personal coach. I have clearly said that is obvious. Durant is still in the top 2 - 3 QBs that the Riders have EVER had. I have also never said that Willy is not a good QB, and CLEARLY pointed out my support for him from day 1 on another post in response to you, but you are too dense to see or respond to that, because, well, you are a moron, and your opinion does not matter because you bring no value to any conversation, because, well, you are a moron.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Some interesting names.
Bell is currently HC at Jacksonville U (FCS) DI
Fouts I think is in between broadcasting jobs
Kelly Has been running a football camp for years and also starting Jim Kelly inc. produceing football clips

Bell has connections to the CFL as both a player and a short coaching stint.

Yeah, I just threw some of the better known names off the top of my head that I felt might be a good mix for/with Durant.


What about this?

How about this one...not as straight forward as the other 2, but may as well be. Oh, fyi, they won the cup.

Durant leads and the players are extremely vocal about how good of a leader he is. He lost some games with a broken foot and then ribs...get over it. A hurt Durant was a better option than the backup.

Here are a few bonus ones for fun...

You basically admit here that you are a disgrace and would not want Durant knowing who you are because he would tell you would the rest of the team and 99% of the fans.

so we will ignore that Durant had amazing stats, the highest QB rating ever in the playoffs, and just go with the championship...since stats apparently don't mean anything.

And I will throw in perhaps your most idiotic comment on here of all time:

I will throw another name out there. Danny Barret. Currenlty in the NCAA as RB coach for UCF. He was brought into UB by Turner Gill to be Willy's QB coach and to educate him on the CFL and later tagged as ASST HC. The reason why Willy was able to look so comfortable right away in his first and second year with the Riders.
Problem UCF football in the new AAF conference is on the rise so not sure he will look to leave there for kind of a lateral move from an NCAA RB coach to a CFL QB coach. Former Rider HC however.

I have brought his name up before but got mostly ridicule by others. In his short career in the NCAA he has been with two mid major porgrams that have gone from avg to awful to bowl games and in UCF a BCS bowl game

he would be a decent choice, though for me not my first. I like the idea of bringing in positional coaches that have a high probability of evolving and moving up internally, and I don't see that in him

Barrett was once the Riders HC, a little less seasoned at the time. Working under Cortez could help him to one day move into an OC spot.

I know Danny fairly well, and consider him a pretty good friend...I still wouldn't look at him as a primary candidate for growth within the organization. Heck of a nice guy, and perhaps could be an OC...perhaps. Never, IMO a HC, or at least not one I would respond well to working under. He knows the game and the techniques well, but IMO there are intangables he lacks. Danny has a big desire to become a HC again, but I also know that Danny is pretty happy within the college system, and he has turned down "better" jobs to get back close to home.