why do the riders always let the coaches get away, now durant has to start over again with a knew quarterback coach, i think this might affect the plan to win 2 in a row?? hope not

well, after reading the paper today, and realizing that george cortez, will be doing both jobs now, i'm retracting my previous statement. i'm sure we'll be fine with george at the controls. merry christmas.

I know you retracted the statement, but to speak to the overall issue of losing coaches, it is unfortunately a byproduct of running a successful program. If you bring in good coaches at positional positions those coaches will be sought after for coordinator positions. The Riders are in a unique position where they can afford to pay their coaches handsomely if they want to stay, but the team has taken the approach that they will allow their coaches to apply and move on for higher positions than the ones they have with the Riders.
In the case of George Cortez, he interviewed for a number of head coaching and OC positions already this off season but he is only on a one year contract so he was, and is, technically a free agent. Now hopefully this news of him running the QB’s means that he is re-upping for another year (hopefully multi-years).

with an 8 team league each team is affected when there is a new team added (Redblacks ), not only is there going to be movement of coaches but also the opportunity for new coaches as well, in the NFL with 32 teams the choices for coaches are 4 times as many to chose from that in the CFL.
as far as the Riders letting coaches get away I believe that as an elite coach you want to go to a team that will not impede your advancement so the opportunity of the Riders attracting quality coaches are enhanced.
as far as Durant goes I believe that with a quality coach he will do just fine.

:lol: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted:

Cortez is not that young and he may just love to stay in Regina as long as they will have him.
As for a HC job probably somehting he would take on but I think the Riders would be able to near match that slary and make him the highest paid OC in the CFL to go along with security.
3 teams in 3 years he may be staying put and will be there all off season to suggest players he may want for his offense.
The Riders need to improve at receiver depth for sure.

Cortez don't give a rats arse about the money, it is not what motivates him. He and others have discussed that in pretty good depth. He seeks championships and growth. If he gets an offer as a HC, he will be gone. He was apparently interviewed for at least 2 clubs going into 2014. Money is far from the primary motivator for lots people, and IMO, I would think a very significant percentage of coaches fall into that category..

I could see that in Cortez and many coaches. At this point Cortez is most likley looking for comfort and winning in his coaching position and team. And he has that. I can't see him leaving just to be HC in Montreal

Thorpe will be HC in Montreal if and when Popp realizes he’s in over his head again and steps down.

I am not sure pushing Thorpe up into the HC job just after one season as a very successful DC.
Adding the DC and Asst HC to his title makes much more sense and would lead him into the HC spot in the future.
With the defense covered and firmly in good hands the OC would seem to be a much more inportant position to fill.
Hiring an experienced CFL HC, Thinking inside the box, Who knows how to run a CFL team and practice etc, and allow his coodinators to do their job while the HC will not be tied to any specific area as OC or DC.
The best OC available is sticking with TV and the other is not available already having a OC job and does not appear to be interested in coming in an being a HC and OC (Cortez)

Who are the best available HC candidates out there that would fir that criteria?

On a side note do the Als currently have the same Special Teams coach as 2013?

I thought Popp did admirably as HC last season. he was what...6-7 after having to re-invent the team a third the way through the season without their #1 QB? I wouldn't exactly call it a smashing success, but a respectable one at minimum. The Als have a promising QB in Smith, and a respectable backup. Their D was stellar, and having a pre-season and the new pivot in place who has some actual experience, and now under a CFL style O as opposed to whatever the F it was they tried last year...I'd say things are looking up for the Als and Popp.

There is never a certainty, but I would anticipate a winning record is marginally more likely than a losing one. Now they can groom the new HC for 2015 and have him groom his defensive successor.

Well played.


Lets see if they can get him some help in the kicking department.
I also would like to see them open up the return spots competition to everyone not just a secialist or stricly a back up.
If Hamilton did not do return by commite two years ago we would never saw Chris Williams explode or If the Bombers would have pulled Will Ford when he became the starting tailback

I sure hope so but I am not holding my breath on this one.
I see someone struggling in 2014

And who would that be!!?? Struggling!??

Look at the source...who do you think he means...there is only one aspect in all of football that he is able to comment on.

Depop, I know exactly who he means, just sick of this troll, wished they'd ban him, never says anything positive just bashes DD every chance he gets!

Indeed, despite that fact that DD was hands down the biggest factor in even getting the the cup, and had the highest passer rating in CFL playoff history, and had one heck of a season overall. He really only had a couple poor games, and was pretty banged up during those.

greenrider is clueless and the type of "fan" no team wants.

The Important thing is that the Riders have the same OC two years in a row, and a great one at that.
I am more than sure that Cortez can do both and that Durant is not as dependent on a QB coach at this point in his carer.
For other QBs a QB specific coach could be usefull though.
Doesn't Cortez have a protege who may be unemplyed to work with him as the QB coach?

The whole Cortez taking over as QB Coach I still don't like. I posted my thoughts in another thread and retract part of my statement as Cortez was a QB coach before. However Cortez will not have the time to spend one on one with Durant and the other QBs as he will be busy dealing with overseeing the entire offense. I would MUCH prefer having someone dedicated purely to our QBs. Durant has proven to play much better when he has a dedicated QB coach, his best years where under Crandall and Jones. Durant is a great QB but he is also wildly inconsistent and I think having someone who is dedicated purely to coaching him and the other QBs help settle him down a bit.

I'd be interested to see if we could bring in someone like Kerry Joseph or Anthony Cavillo guys who have played the position and know the pressure to come in and be a calming influence on Durant.

With that said, Willy has been a great backup and he seems to be involved a lot on the sideline helping Durant out, holding the clipboard and such. I am wondering if they think he can be a sort of player/coach roll this year to help Cortez out when he is busy with the rest of the offense...

The position has only been open for a week. They could possiblily hire one for next season but for now Cortez will just take the title.
There should be no reason why they do not have a full staff