Ok, just so I'm up to date, who are all the assistant coaches that we have signed right now???

Head Coach - Charlie Taffe
Offensive Coordinator -
Offensive line coach -
Receivers coach -
Running backs coach -
Defensive Coordinator -
Defensive line coach -
Defensive backs coach - Gregg Butler
Linebackers coach -
Special teams coach - Dave Easley

Why would he sign a defensive backs coach before finding a defensive coordinator? Shouldn't the coordinator and backs coach be on the same page and be able to work together? So shouldn't the coordinator be part of hiring the positional coaches?

Ticats 14 - your wish list for Coaches in all disciplines of the game is encouraging but not at all realistic - this is not the NFL.

Listened to the conference call announcing Easley and Butler - what's up with Working. I thought he was already in "the mix?"

I agree and disagree. The Head Coach is clearly the direct chain of command for the special teams coach and the entire coaching staff. The Defensive backs coach would have to have a working relationship with the D-Cordinator but at the same time the D-backs coach is not necessarily involved in the actual defensive play calling. Rather he is there to teach proper technique and how to make proper reads. So I dont think it is really that important especially with the their relationship with Charlie.


Chicago Sun-Times Jan 8 2006 Rick Telander

When have old men such as Penn State's Joe Paterno (79),
Florida State's Bobby Bowden (76) and new Buffalo Bills

executive Marv Levy (80, at least) been more in the news?

Paterno, whose glasses could be used
to refract sunlight into death rays,

is seven years older than the Orange Bowl,

which his Nittany Lions won Tuesday
against Bowden's Seminoles.

And Levy, dear God, that wise man was just hired
as the Bills' vice president of football operations

by owner Ralph Wilson Jr., who is a mere lad of 87.

[A reader commented...Ageism
is a little recognized discrimination
that is alive and well, unfortunately.

How ironic that many of the same people
making 'Depends' jokes about Mr. Wilson
are probably barely out of diapers themselves.

In the immortal words of George Bernard Shaw,
"Youth is wasted on the young."]

"We need a fresh start," Wilson said.

"My enthusiasm is unbounded," Levy said.

I say Levy is at least 80

because if it were up to him,
he'd be listed at maybe 36.

While writing a story about the
four-time Super Bowl coach

for Sports Illustrated in 1994,

I discovered that he had been using a fake birthdate.

We had been talking on and on.

I had studied his lengthy bio.

I said I was confused.

Had he enlisted as a soldier
in World War II at age 14?

I wanted to know.

Long pause.

Then he explained it all,

the ageism, the prejudice, the way
he thought age was the one thing
that a healthy man should be able
to lie about.

He was old even with his fake age of 66.
It made him the oldest coach in the NFL.

He asked me not to tell people, but I had to.

As a journalist, how could I not?

I simply buried it in my 4,000-word story.

And now?

I hope Marv and his rickety old pals

live until the earth melts.

You go, boys!


Age is inevitable. Aging isn't.

I don't care how old they are as long as they turn out a winning team.