Coaches Rating

Hall - D (no pun). No jump on our defense at all. This playing off the line, no jamming, is just poor. Either we can't play man or Hall just doesn't believe in that? No motivation at all. Tackling is beyond bad. I'd love to see a stat on how many missed tackles on first down have resulted in a first down. Horrible. His time has come to retire. Chamblin is a defensive expert, he can't like what he see's. if he's willing to replace players, then the same for coaches.

Dyce - F. Run, pass, kick. Repeat for 4 quarters. Well not quite that bad. In the 3rd and 4th quarter we go strictly to pass. Continuing to hand off to Dressler and to to the screen dump pass to him. Game in and game out. Not forcing DD to go thru his reads, but to continue to telegraph his throws to his receivers? Where is Carr, Getz, is Foster healthy? Get DD to start running and instead of wasting time scrambling before throwing the ball away near the line of scrimmage, get him to tuck it and run for 2-3 yds and slide feet first. At least make 2nd down shorter.

Dickenson - b+. The shining light in the bunch. Seems to get his guys motivated. Haven't got burned every often by other teams on kickoffs and punt returns.

Chamblin - b-. Giving him some slack as a rookie coach. Questionable calls or lack of calls at times. I think he has to take control of game calling in key situations. Don't let Dyce's vanilla offensive calls stall drives.

Assistant coaches is another topic.

Pretty much agree.

I'd like to see Khari Jones school DD to run a bit more. I know that was never Khari's game, but he and DD have different skillsets, and a good coach should adjust to that, rather than try to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Really, REALLY getting sick of Hall's D. No run Defense, Loose pass Defense, no pass rush at all. They do really well when the other team makes mistakes and beats themselves, but good teams don't count on that.

Maybe DD should be calling his own plays out there,, he is veteran enough

Hall should not be our DC next year.

Not a chance. We tried that last year and how did that work out for us.

Id like Khari Jones to be OC over Dyce

Dickenson - D

How many 3rd down fake punts have we surrendered!

The best part of our special teams is we aren;t giving up many big returns at all. I think we had one taken back for a TD all year. These teams have been consistent.

But punting and FG's have been all over the road.

We've fumbled 2-4 kicks/punts.

This all needs to be cleaned up! Sorry but I don;t think Craig has had a B kind of year at all.

The coach draws up the schemes, that's the coverage, the returns etc.

He cannot control Sandro and Milo missing FG and bobbling punts!

One knock I have on Dickinson, is when we tried that fake punt, and they cleared Milo from the back field! That just let them know a fake was coming, but overall, the coverage and returns have been great!

1, 2 surrended against us is all I can think of, and the Montreal gamble they actually stuffed, extremely generous spot by the official was the only reason that wasn't a turnover on downs. We've certainly squandered a couple of fake kicks or tricks plays on special teams, but that was with DeAngelis doing emergency punting. The teams have been just fine. I'd give them a C or B- though.

I don't think the coaching has been that bad. They win when the players execute. They lose when they don't.

How many games have they lost by the amount of points DeAngelis missed FGs? 2 in a row now. That's execution, not Craig D.

How many big plays have they given up due to bad tackling lately? TONS! By guys who normally don't miss (Collins, Brackenridge). It happens. That's execution, not coach Hall.

How many times was Durant sacked ON THE FINAL DRIVE? Twice, straight up blown block, no chance to escape. Blocks missed up front by guys who have played pretty well all year. That's execution, not Kris Sweet.

How many key dropped passes did Dressler have last week? Two. That's Dressler. Riders best player and the league's leading receiver. Top 5 pair of most reliable hands in the entire league over the past 5 or 6 years. He dropped 'em. What do you do? That's execution, not Bob Dyce.

Why is the pass rush so inconsistent? Because the Riders don't have Keron Williams, Charleston Hughes or John Bowman. Heck even the Argos found a kid named Armond Armstead. Why can't the Riders find/sign these guys? Why do the Riders have to give up draft picks to get Odell (who's pretty good, but not as good as those other guys)? That's Taman, not Chamblin.

I will say that I think Hall's playbook is pretty dated. He's still trying to do things that worked very well back in 2006. They are playing some more man coverage now, of course they can actually do that now with guys like Russ, Maze, Milt Collins and Turenne, whereas last year with Graham and McKenzie and an injured Lance Frazier, they couldn't. But I'm not sure what James Patrick is doing out there on the corner. he should be at safety being the best damn ballhawk in the league like he used to be. Why do the Riders only ever get interceptions (a paltry 8 all year) on deflection jump balls or bad throws over the middle? Why does Patrick have no INTs this year? Why do the Riders never and I mean NEVER jump routes? THAT I am willing to put on the scheme. That much I can put to Richie Hall.

I agree with a lot of what you say. Lets see how fired up theses guys come out of the gate.

I never thought I’d be saying this, but Hall deserves a better ranking than a “D”, imo. The Riders gave up the 2nd fewest points in the league this year; and because of that stat alone, his ranking should be higher. Sure, there were times when the D seemed incapable of stopping anybody, but there were also times where the D dominated. I would’ve also liked to see more interceptions and sacks (who wouldn’t), but overall, 2nd fewest points allowed is pretty good. Hopefully they’ll bring their A game into the playoffs!

I'm not a big fan of stats. Stat wise they looked like good but the play on the field was totally hit or miss, unlike BC.

If they played with a lot more passion then I'm sure I'd give them a higher ranking. Defense wins championships. Our Offense has been so inconsistent over the last few years that I really place a lot more weight on our defense which really isn't fair to them but they are the last line of defense. Just keeping the other team to FGs is huge in this league.

Take a great defense and add in a half decent offense (Canadian Airforce equivalent) we win the GC next year. I have my doubts on the offense for next year so I'm really hoping for a much improved D and I don't see that with Hall. Maybe it was simply DBs like MacKenzie who need to be dropped to improve things but I think the play calling is a lot bigger issue.