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i guess greg marshall won't be a candidate for the job here as he is rumored to be taking over from the proper penguin in e-town. i think that marcel bellefeuille would be looking at the job though.
what do you people think of say-jacques chapdelaine
or the re-surfacing of the shivers-barrett combo?
maybe rambo-cortez?

here is an interesting thought. jesse palmer coming out of "retirement" to resume playing in '09.that's a recipe for disaster if they hang their hat on him as
"the guy".by that time richie williams should be ready to qb his own team.

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What about brining Kerry Joseph back as the QB, I think he's the best QB in the CFL right now. I think he should win the MVP in the CFL this year.

PLEASE, NOT BARRETT AND SHIVERS. It's bad enough that Sask. has ended up with a ton of Ottawa's talent including Tillman, that we end up with Saskatchewan's LOSERS, if we get a team back. Getting those two would get the franchise off to a bad start. I say get Bob O'Billivich as GM. He has a winning record. Get Tom Clements as Head coach or try to lure Don Matthews out of retirement.

Clements is a hell of an interesting idea.

i would love to see clements/rambo-if he's not the gm in steeltown by then. how about a reunion-clements/o'billovich?


How about Hufanagel?

Bob O'Billovich might be worth a shot at GM, and it goes without saying that Don Mathews would be great if he's up for it

That's kind of interesting too, and you're the first person I come across that mentions him as a possibility.

I think I might prefer him as a coordinator though. For an expansion team, I'd probably want someone witha bit more experience (which goes against my choice of Greg Marshall, but it's my daydreaming and you can't censor me :stuck_out_tongue: )