Coaches outside the CFL

Just wanted to get opinions on coaches outside of the cfl who would make for good coaches in this league.

My list:

  1. Joe Tiller (Purdue): I watched his team play allot when they had Drew Brees and have become a huge fan of his. His teams always seem to be prepared and disciplined and his offences are always aggressive, he is not a fan of wasting possessions, the t.d always seems to be the goal each time the O steps onto the field. Since he uses a run and shoot system he should have no problems adjusting to the CFL.

  2. Ron Meyer: This guy did a tremendous job in Las Vegas during the expansion days. He had by far the biggest circus of an organization to deal with, had a 20 year old q.b starting for him in Anthony Calvillo, played games in front of 2000 people in 110 degree temps and yet his team somehow won it's share of games and was in allot of close games.

  3. June Jones (Hawaii): He has major NFL coaching experience, and is also a run and shoot style of coach.

Mike Riley

Great choice if available.

I forgot about Riley, I think he's the head coach at Oregon right now.

Dont know what he,s up to, but How about Steve Marriuchi*(sp)former SF and Detroit HC, He stuck with Garcia an ex CFL QB.

Mike Riley is the head coach of the Oregon State University Beavers

8) Forget Mike Riley, he is not going to leave Oregon to come to Hamilton. Also, if the Cats hire any coach without previous CFL experience it will be a recipe for disaster here again, especially if it is a former NFL coach !!! Maybe the Caretaker could throw some big bucks at Wally Buono or Don Matthews to consider a change of venue !!! ha ha !!!

The One Thing I've Learned
a Head Coach is Really not Coaching

He Delegates more then Coaches..
He Picks his Assistant coaches
He Takes the heat when Things go bad..

Charlie Taafe would also be a good candidate if available.

Oski Wee Wee,

Charlie Taafe would also be a good candidate if available.

Oski Wee Wee,