Coaches on the field

The CFL should start actually enforcing their bench area rules. Once a couple of TDs get taken off the board, teams should get the message pretty quickly. As a perk, actual enforcement of the rule might force Wally Buono back into retirement.

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(emphasis mine):

The team bench area shall be a rectangular area [b]situated not closer to the Sideline than 6 feet[/b] and extending for a distance of 30 yards parallel to the Sideline. During a game, the area may be occupied only by substitute players in uniform and other accredited persons including coaches, doctors, trainers, equipment assistants and water carriers. [b]All such personnel are required to remain within the rectangular area with the exception of the coaches, who may take positions between the bench area and the Sideline. The coaches shall not be permitted on the playing field at any time during the game, except with the permission of the Referee.[/b]

Yeah it's getting ridiculous with coaches on the field. I can understand when they are trying to get the referee's attention to call a time out or request a challenge but anything else should be called.

Another penalty that should get called that doesn't is when a receiver or running back, so called "straight arms" a player (a term TSN announcers uses often). Any other player on the field from offensive lineman straight down to defensive backs do this and they get called for face-masking or hands to the face, even when they don't actually grab the face-mask. The only time I have seen it called on receivers or running backs is when they actually grab the face-mask.

I don’t think that a person in possession of the ball can be called for the straight arm. Think of the Hiesman trophy!

If you have possession of the ball you are entitled to straight arm an opponent trying to tackle you. It's perfectly legal. If you grab the opponent's face mask, that's not legal.

The bench area rules are among, at least, a few in the CFL Rule Book which are never called. Most common, IMO, are dress code violations, tandem blocking and the chinstrap rule. I agree with the comments that straight-arming, by a ball carrier, is legal as long as the face mask is not grasped. Interestingly, in checking the current rule book, several times, I cannot find anything regarding the commonly called infraction announced, on field by referees, as "illegal block -- hands to the face."

I agree that coaches come on the field at times but many times there is a need for this.
If the coach is trying to get the attention of an official for any reason and can't, then by all
means, enter the field of play.
I also find that when a coach comes on the field, it is contraversial and fun to watch.
Officials can't call penalties for everything. Some "mild" infractions might be better
left alone or ignored. Just my opinion.

Article 4 - Illegal Block - Hands to The Face:

`"No player of either team may thrust his hands forward above the frame to contact the opponent on the neck, face, head or facemask. This does not apply to a ball carrier using a "stiff arm" or "straight arm" tactic where there is no grasping of the face mask."

Thanks, seymour. i was concentrating my search in the section headed "Fouls and Penalties," not realizing that infractions are also listed elsewhere (i.e. under "Scrimmage").

We need more penalty flags in the CFL. Sometimes you'll see four or five plays in a row with no flags thrown. Refs need to tighten their control on the game - it's the zebras we all pay to watch.

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By your logic, if defensive linemen decide they're going to go offside every play, we should just let them, on the grounds that calling them for it each time would "ruin the flow of the game". :roll:

The solution to the flag problem is for players and coaches to follow the rules. The only case where players aren't to blame is pass interference, where the league has failed to make a clear definition of what is or isn't interference, and have it applied consistently by each officiating team.

Actually there are a lot of rules that are ignored as they are written in the book. Since Glenn Johnson took over as head of officiating the way PI and illegal contact is called, particularly by the command centre, made me assume that they had completely changed the rules not just the no jamming after 5 yards. But no they are the same as always and a lot of the IC & PI calls against the defenders are completely contrary to what the rules say a defender is allowed to do. The rules are very clear and allow a defender to defend their ground, hand fight, make contact with the receiver if they are going for the ball or the receiver turns into them. Unfortunately the officials and command centre have decided under Johnson to ignore the rule book and make up their own.