Coaches jobs on the line down the stretch?

Danny Barrett - Great guy and loved by his players, but lost in the playoffs the last 4 years and now job security is very shaking with Tillman in charge. anything less than a Grey Cup and I believe Danny Barrett is out. With Tillman bringing in his Ottawa guys, we may see Paopao in Saskatchewan over the offseason please good lord no!

Wally Buono - good talented teams over the last few years but makes bonehead decisions in big games, such as leaving an ineffective Dickenson in all game vs Toronto in the 2004 Grey Cup while MVP Printers sat on the bench. Has also lost in the playoffs the past 4 years as Barrett has.

Don Matthews - First ever 6-game losing streak, his team is heading down the standings fast. Many Montreal fans are already calling for the axe to drop.

Danny Maciocia - no explantion necessary, he is gone

Should all these teams fail in the playoffs - who will be the first to be fired, likely come the offseason? Kent Austin is still available I believe, possibly in Edmonton next year after Maciocia is fired? Maciocia has stated he wished to be with Maas again someday, well it could be next year in Hamilton.

....I truly expect to see my team lose either Denny Creehan or Steve Buratto to a vacant HC job next year.....

....Maciocia won't be going anywhere, Campbell endorsed him last week as the HC for the shmoes for at least next year...

....Buono and Mathews, maybe, but that would be pretty big......

.....your best chance of relocation is Barrett....he will move on.......

Oh I didn't hear about Maciocia being safe. That's crazy. When has Edmonton ever kept anyone after a losing season? And why are no Eskimo fans posting about it I haven't seen them here since July.

you know what this means if all these teams fail? then either Toronto, Calgary, or Winnipeg will be Grey Cup Champisions! :slight_smile:


I cant comment about other teams but the fans here are not calling for the Dons head... the media is

When the Als were 7-0 they were in 1st. Now they are 7-6 anjd still in first.
Not exactly falling fast in the standings dont ya think

...seems the media must have all put paper-bags on their heads and showed up at the last game...i think you'll find some fans are pretty disenchanted with the don... :lol:

sure there are always some.
He could win the cup and some would call for his head

Machocia will be the first to go. Especially if the Eskimos do not make the playoffs. I remember thinking about what would happen in Edmonton if the Eskimos missed the playoffs this year. The answer I came up with was anarchy and chaos in the streets. Guess we will find out.

Dont even think that Paopao will replace Barrett. I personally think that Paopao has proven his non worth as a coach over the past few seasons. If Tillman brings Paopao to Regina it had better not be for anything other that Ball Boy

Buono is a good coach except for his brain lock in big games. Someone mentioned playing Dickheadson in the 2004 grey cup and accomplishing nothing while the League MVP is using his butt to warm the bench. I still could not blame Printers for looking for the door after that. It's too bad he is now using his butt to warm a bench in KC.

Nope, R&W is correct, I read about Commisioner Hughie endorsing Danny.

While Wally has taken some heat, I think he'll still be here next year.

Barrett will have to win the Grey Cup to keep his job. Anything less and I think tillman will can him.

The odds are Barret won't be back.
But it might not be that Tillman won't hire him, but rather that Danny doesn't want to be here.
If we get that elusive home play-off game, DB could be coach of the year.
Then he can take a job elsewhere.
Possibilities are: Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, or Hamilton.
What people likely overlook is, that Danny may not trust or like Hopson (who can blame him?),
and surely Danny understands that GMs eventually always bring in their own people, so even with an extension, his days here are numbered.
Plus, if Danny aspires to be a GM, Hopson snubbed him real good when firing Roy and hiring Tillman, without any consideration of his coach on either issue.
If Danny goes to Ottawa, watch for an exodus of players from Sask. to Ottawa....

Anyway, Hugh Campbell has indeed indicated Maciocia's job is safe next year, for whatever that is worth.
What exactly do fans/media expect him to say?
"The day after the season, Maciocia will be fired?"
If you ever say something like that, you might as well fire him on the spot.
It is just like Hopson/Tillman saying, "we want Danny to succeed?" Really? We thought maybe you'd say, "We hope Danny loses the rest of the games this year so it will be easier to fire him"
What else do people expect management to say?
Given that, I actually do think that Hughy likes Maciocia, and it is possible he will not be fired.
If Buono gets fired, that is silly. Might happen, but silly nonetheless.
The Don is likely safe in Montreal. He just signed a new contract midseason, so it would cost the team a million bucks to toast him now.
plus the owner loves him.
Plus, let's face it, love him, or hate him, the guy can coach...
Anything is possible though.
Maybe he'll retire. Or if the losing continues one never knows....

Maybe Higgins will get fired when Calgary finishes 3rd and loses to BC in the West semi....?

Final note. I call Danny Barret to become head coach of the Argos next year....



Printers wishes he was warming a bench in KC. That's an honour reserved for third stringers, not practice roster players.

I hope Machokea stays in Edmonton, so they can get a few more losing seasons under their belt :smiley:

He got the dreaded vote of confidence from Commisioner Hugh Campbell ... so unfortunately for all non-Eskimo fans, he'll be gone.

As I've said before on, Braley would be nuts to get rid of Buono, and probably wont. Mind you, Buono has run out of bone-head chances from here on in. He might want to consult the next best coach in the league, his own Dave Ritchie before making a questionable decision. Remember guys, the teams have to make money in the big markets so winning is key, Buono does that then takes his chances into hosting Western Finals. I'll take that any day?

Those calling for the Don's head do not fully understand football. Real fans don't call for his head. Herb Zurkowsky is, because he and the Don are like the russian and canadian mafias.

I thought Printers had been activated by KC?

Lancaster and Maciocia deserve to be fired as coaches of bottom teams. Coaches of above average teams should be retained. BC (9-7), Montreal (7-6) and Saskatchewan (7-6). Silly to base firings based on playoff games when regular season accounts for 80% of revenue.

I can only agree with 50% Thirdperson. Lancaster SR. has got to go in Hamilton.

Machocia should get a contract extension for at least 5 years. :twisted: They should also hire Paopao to assist Lancaster Junior on the offense for the next 5 years as well. :twisted: