Coaches in place by Dec. 12th?
Indeed, the head coach hopes to have the entire 2009 coaching staff named by Dec. 12.
Will it happen?

no IMO they Want Ritchie Hall and well wait for him.
If get the Head Job in Toronto or Edmonton then Go to next guy on the list .

Perry Lefko stated recently that the Toronto HC job is down to Benevedes, Hall and Winnipeg's Greg Marshall.

I think TO will hire Benevedes, Edmonton will hire Hall, and Marshall will be our new DC.

I'm hoping for Hall, but I can't see him leaving Saskatchewan for anything less than a HC job.

I am hoping for Hall with Marshall 2nd Choise then Stubler..

I'm with you on this one, however I can't see Stubler taking the job, particularly when I think he is still being paid from the Argos.

I don't think we will be waiting long either. It will be either Hall or Greg Marshall is my bet.

If it takes too long, whoever loses the battle for HC will be a candidate for DC in all of these cities.