Coaches' habits

Ever notice the funny tendencies our CFL coaches have?

Wally Buono paces the sidelines and squints when he gets nervous.

John Hufnagel bites on his Sharpie.

Bart Andrus wears the same expression whether his team is winning or losing. He just keeps perusing that laminated play card like he's about to order food from a menu.

MB if you read his lips is always cursing about the terrible decisions the refs make :lol:
In the game on Friday, the refs made a terrible call against the Cat’s and the camera shot to MB and read his lips “Bull $#!T!!”

Richie Hall always looks like he’s severely po’d, even if the Esks are winning by a mile.

Ken Miller is probably the only normal coach on the sidelines lol.

Sharpies are well known to be high in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and nasty tasting ink.

And you can get totally loaded off of the fumes.

Wally chews on the inside of his cheek when he's really mad. The squinting is something he does all the time, but when you see him chewing, he's choked.

Actually, I think that Ken Miller takes a nap during the 3rd quarter of every game.

Ken Miller's teams always come prepared and look like they'd run through a brick wall for him. Yet when you see that vacant stare, he looks like someone's Dad who was just given a gameday sideline pass. :wink:

....Miller: "Milk, gotta pick up milk"....

You know, I used to wonder about Ken Miller... but now I see that I was ever wrong to doubt this guy. Sure, the Riders had some issue last season, but this team has come a long way.