Coaches for Officials

According to Suitor, the refs and umpires will be getting coaches this year.


It was announced in our meetings and a press release was sent out on Friday that CFL officials will essentially have position coaches much like the players this year. It is a new "organizational structure" that will assign veteran or alumni officials to a specific group on the field. For this years refs training camp, the Referee Coach will be Jake Ireland, the Umpire Coach will be Bill Wright, the Line of Scrimmage will be taken care of by Brent Buchko and the Deep Coach will be Al McColman. According to the head of officiating, Tom Higgins, it is new to football, will continue all season and quite frankly is a great idea.

For years, officials have been evaluated and given a passing or failing grade, but it is one thing to hear from a Simon Cowell like evaluator of refs tell a guy he has passed or failed, and it is another to get coached up. To find out why mistakes were made and to work on ways to improve them with a coach or mentor that isn't necessarily judging you, but working with you to improve. Watch all leagues quickly follow suit on this idea.


Too late, Browner's in the NFL.

Inside joke?

Not really.Browner was the biggest cheater on the planet that’s all, I literally mean I wish they had this last year.

…^^jealousy^^, if he wore black and gold you would have wall-hung posters of him in your man-cave…Browner simply pushed the envelope, prove me wrong by fact, not opinion…

Actually that makes no difference to me.I hate Jiminez on this team, he’s a beast OL but it disgusts me the things he pulls.
Browner got away with EVERYTHING and everyone knows it.You’re just wearing rose coloured glasses. no fact, just opinion...I see...

Okay if it's fact you want.Let me first point you to how in every game called for the Stampeders, the TSN broadcast team was constantly commenting on some of the things Browner get's away with on a regular basis.
Now some video evidence.

note the jersey pull, twist, hold and push out of bounds on Airese Currie.Anything called?Of course not, INT for Mr.Browner.

Would've been a TD that would've made all the difference.Instead one Brandon Browner once again get's away with another blatant penalty.Note the full arm wrapped around Bruce pulling him away from the ball before it get's there and Browner isn;t even looking at the ball.No flag.

There was also one on Maurice Mann in the latter game of 2010, he was going to catch it on the sideline and Browner without looking ran him out of bounds.
If you want, I can dig really deep to find these videos.Youtube isn't of much help.

...2:13 of the first I see is good positioning and a stiff arm for the INT....I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but that is just sad research......don't bother digging deeper for my benefit, it doesn't change my opinion....

And nothing will probably so I don't think I will bother.Every DB get's away with a COUPLE, but most get called.Browner get's away with almost everything and it's almost always costly to the other team.That's why I can't stand him.'re correct, trying to change my mind with this 'evidence' is ludicrous...


Let me try and explain it to you.

What he really is saying that Browner did such a good job in the CFL, he got an NFL offer in Seattle.

Would I have loved Browner playing for the Lions? You bet I would!

Did Browner "neutralize" Geroy Simon? Yes he did.... on a regular basis..

Did Browner get away without fouls? No ! I recall hearing his name get announced once or twice during games.

Browner was one of those players who played the game so well, you "booed" him when he played for the Stamps, but secretly, I would drive out to the airport to pick him up if he was traded to the Lions.

That's not what I mean at all.I'd have no problem with him if he was just a severely skilled DB, hell i'd probably be a big fan of his.But for the couple fouls he does get called for, he get's away with 2-3 more game changers every game.It seems as though he was in tight with the ref. crew.

Wow this is ridiculous. Whining about Browner at this point, fact is, he was damn good and managed to get away with playing on the edge. The NFL noticed. Time to move on and whine about someone new. As far as your video research goes, you could find the same crap on any DB if you look for it. Weak,

You said it yourself, he got away with it.Lot's of DB's attempt to get away with things but just don't.Browner is often blatant in these kinds of things and refs seem to look the other way.Should half of these things have been called, you guys wouldn't be praising him for being one of the best DB's and I certainly doubt that he would've gotten an NFL look.But whatever, he's the NFL's problem.At least for now.And what's wrong with my video evidence?It's quite clear that he got away with those things and that's all the video's that are easily accessible that I could dig up on him.I'm sure there's plenty more.Once again, the rose coloured glasses make Mr.Browner look like a saint.

Are you seriously suggesting that he was allowed to get away with more things than other DB's? That somehow refs would turn a blind eye when he played? Unless you think it was some sort of reffing fix, then you have to look at the alternative, he was able to play close to the line.

i'm saying that because he played close to the line, refs showed more leniance towards him than any other player.It's quite clear.When you watch every CFL game and watch the highlights afterwards as well, you see alot of things that he get's away with and he got away with more than any other DB bar none.I've watched games with my family,friends and even listening to the TSN announcing crew they all know he get's away with plenty.Refs need help, they can't keep blowing calls the way they have the past couple years.It ruins the game.