Coaches Challenges Need Communication

I remember a coach would pick up a flag when an assistant in the booth would indicate a challenge would not be overturned.
Thus the flag would be picked up.

I get that, as the eye in the sky has an alternate view of a play.
That does not seem to happen now.

Twice, I have seen games lost because of this.

Lions at Stamps.
Took a time count at the end that cost them the game, because they lost it on a challenge.

Bombs at Riders.
Had no more challenges to overturn the PI, because it was wasted.

As for the latter, stop blaming the refs. The Riders beat themselves by digging an early hole.

Just saying the coaches in the booth need to communicate to field level.

If they did it before, they should be able to do it now.

Eliminate the challenges and improve the quality of the referees

Problems solved.

Nah, I like the challenges, they just have to be limited. Bottom line is humans make mistakes. Warren Moon threw interceptions (he did check it), Milt Stegall dropped balls in the end zone (he did, check it) coaches make bad called (ask Rick Campbell and Danny Muchacho on that 100 yard pass to Milt that beat them with 4 seconds left) and gee, Officials make bad/wrong calls.

Are officials the only people allowed on the face of earth to not make bad calls?

Wouldn't it be great when Moon threw and interception, or Stegall dropped a sure TD pass, or Campbell called a blitz defense on the last play of the game, that they could throw a challenge flag and ask for a 'do over'?

Well, unfortunately for the officials, they can be forced into that situation. IMO the replay challenges up to a couple years back worked great, but now the coaches were given too many challenges and too many things that they could challenge.

I'm glad the CFL fixed it mid-season as they realize it was broke. Now, do you no longer get a 'free challenge', and you have to specifically tell the official what you are challenging and the folks in Toronto can only look at that and nothing else regardless of what occurred.

In the end it all evens out - except for playoffs. Hopefully by then the playoff team coaches will have it all figured out and know when to challenge a play and when to just let it go a another in a long line of mistakes (and in the official's case it's 'potential' mistake as more calls are correct than not) and we don't see a playoff game decided on a botched call.

Oh, and yes - SK lost the game because Wpg was the better team on Sunday, not because of a 'phantom' interference call which IMO was the right call as contact was made beyond 5 yards with the ball in the air. If you don't like the call, have the rule changed. But don't forget, we were all complaining that the offense was being driven out of the game and this rule was put in to generate more offense so I don't think it will go away anytime soon.

No judged sport will be perfect, so that is not happening . The ref had a split second to make that call. If Jones didn't waste challenges due to utter stupidity,maybe he gets that call reversed. Kudos to Jone's for foiling an idiot proof system :smiley:

Gee, why didn't anyone else think of that? "Improve the quality of the referrees," genius!

You should take this revolutionary idea to the commish ASAP!

Truthfully, I think the ref's do a decent job, and I think the game should be put back in their hands, maybe keep the reviews for t.d.'s and stuff like that, but all these challenges have got to go, and the d.b.'s need a bit more freedom.