Coaches Challenges in the last 3 minustes

Correct me if I am wrong but every body seemed to have forgotten that a CFL coach cannot challenge any ruling in the last 3 minutes of the second half. The referees were actually treating Taffe as if he had an option to challenge. I'm sure that the initial challenge on the touchdown came from the officials upstairs. But when Taffe challenged the ball possession call the referee simply said that it was not a challengeable result. Are the rules different this year?

On the topic of coaches challenging plays I beleive they must start penalizing coaches for tossing the flag to challenge calls as a means of protest even when they know it is not challengable. It slows down the game and quite frankly the coaches stomping around and throwing the flag on the ground look rather childish. Delay of the game penalties should be dished out because they should be aware to the rules.

I agree with you. The coaches should know by now what is allowable. If they throw the challenge flag, there should either be a review or a penalty.

That should have been a delay of game, much like Doug Berry got in the Grey cup when he challenged a call after it had been challenged.

absolutely it should have been a delay of game. Great point, I hadn't thought of that, and great point Dusty, that too hadn't occured to me. The grandeur of the situation clouded that aspect. The more I look at the play, the more I think the ref's were on their game, and showed restraint by not calling delay of game. What a tough job, I was thinking they needed disguises and security to get out of the win-hungry Cats town.

Then we would have had the ball on the one yardline, with a first down....wait a minute :wink:
I agree though, it should have been a penalty. On the otherhand, the refs should go over to the respective coaches and explain the results of the booth challenge.

I think it was one of those crazy decisions that happens so infrequently that there's no way they'd give him a penalty. He did use his timeout.