Coach Wally is No Pushover

One of the CFL homepage stories talks about how Wally Buono is sick of the CFL media blowing things out of proportion. He goes on to say :

"Obviously, the media is going to throw bait out there," Buono said. "If you go for the bait, they'll hook 'ya and reel 'ya in. God bless you guys, you do a tremendous job of supporting and promoting the league. But you do influence what the fans think. When you say something -- I'm going to say this in a nice way --they think you know what you're talking about. You and I know, most of the time, you don't. But because you say it, they believe you."

In this article Buono said that when the media began calling his linemen dirty.

I like the way Wally just speaks how he wants and says what he is thinking. I have been saying all year that these supposed "dirty" players are really just playing football.

Let the players handle the rough stuff and let everybody else handle watching them.

If you haven't read the article, it is good so give it a read.

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...the thing is though, the media hasn't said these guys play dirty, they've simply quoted other players and coaches saying that....don't shoot the messenger wally...

…I’m not saying this is whining, but this made me laugh:

“Rob Murphy’s been called two times this year for clubbing. It’s probably the only time he’s done it all year. Tell me there’s not an indirect influence [on the officiating]? You’ve gotta be looking for that to call it. If you say you’re not being influenced, I question that.”

…so help me out here but is Wally saying that Murphy is being unfairly targetted by referees that read newspapers for clubbing?’s a novel idea to combat that perceived unfairness: Don’t club someone…

Sounds like sour grapes from Wally, saying things like Murphy's been called twice for clubbing only because the refs are watching him closer.

Well the opposite is true Wally, if your O-line didn't have a bad rep...they wouldn't be watched.

Wally is a master of trying to get people to feel sorry for him or his team. They can never do no wrong.

...Wally is no push-over for sure....and i believe he's calling Taman out tonight for calling his qb.....lets just say ...inferior....sooooo i hope Brenden is ready for him....cuz Wally seems a little antsy these days (must be all those injuries)...I recommend Taman gets a quick hold on Wally , then body slams him like Dwight Anderson did to Stoddard ... on second thought maybe he better just kick Buono in the knee and run like hell...... :rockin: :lol:

I disagree 100%. I say play dirty. Just no holding or offsides.

...well, the alternate novel idea would be: Don't club someone while the ref is looking at you....

Wally is still cool.

I think Wally had better be careful, if he continues to worry and obsess about refs, guys playing dirty, he will make another connection... to an IV bottle at the local hospital..

Wally's the man, seriously. I'm so happy to have a coach/GM on the Lions like him. Sticks him for his team and his players like no other.

G-d bless you Wally.