Coach Trestman interviewing with the Colts

Jim what did you tell Irsay for those six hours :wink:

Would be a real heartbreaker for Jim to be turned down only to have his coach poached by the same guy...

.....IF he indeed flys the coop, could this mark the return of Jim Popp behind the Als. bench :roll:

Better than Mike Kelly :lol:

...I somehow think Mike wouldn' t get much consideration in Montreal :lol: One thing that bothers me is, isn't this getting a little late in the day to be poaching coaches....Maybe there should be a cut-off day imposed by the league, just as there is for players :roll:

Well, I wish Marc all the best as he must look to his own future.

I don't know how serious his candidacy is, but I disagree with others that Marc doesn't know the NFL. He is American, and coached American-style football from the get-go. In the CFL, there are some rule changes, but football is football! The NFL is more aware of the CFL than many would think, otherwise he wouldn't even be invited or considered for the post - would he? They are certainly aware that Marc Trestman is a winner - his record speaks for itself.

I hope, for the Als' sake, that he finishes the last season on his contract here. Otherwise, the Als have to hire a new coach or promote one from within. I would hope, however, that Popp not be the one chosen. We need him to do what he does best - find us good players to get us another GC!

Well NFL season is not yet over so it is part of the business. I think if Marc Trestman had been in their crosshairs. They would have hired Jim. Might as well take the tandem who are proven to work together. A lot of times I think these interviews are brain picking exercises. We wait :slight_smile: It is that way every year with Coach Trestman. Rather have good football people and risk losing them than employ lesser capable people...

Always difficult to comment, when you don't have/know the actual facts; this being said, I am getting sick/frustrated with all these rumeurs/options/possibilities. I would like the Als-M.Lalonde-to make a statement and tell us what's going on.Here we are,two and a half months after the end of our season, and we are still in need of no less than 3 assistant coaches,including the Defensive Coordinator.

If Marc Trestman interviewed for the position of Head Coach for the Colts,how can he interview possibles candidates for the Als assistant coaches, "I could be gone next week, but do you want to come and work for the Als." If he wants to leave, let him go now and hire a new Head Coach.

Mr. Wetenhall is paying no less than $1 million,annually, for Jim Popp and Marc Trestman and all we have heard,since the end of the season,is: Jim Popp may go to the NFL,Marc Trestman may go to the NFL,4 assistant coaches are gone,such or such a player may not be here next year,etc. All negative comments/facts! How can we sell season tickets/attract new fans? You go to the Als site and first there is the message: Thank you for your support for the 2011 season,etc. Same message since early November 2011. We are almost at the end of January; then,on the site the first thing that hits you is:NFL picks for NFL championships. Yes,some players may choose some NFL picks, but it does not have to be the first information. As such since Saturday. You go to coaching staff and Tim Tibesar and Darante' Jones are still included. They are gone!

I hope that M.Lalonde will inform the fans/tell us what is going on.


Everything you say is dead on but what your asking is for the Business guy to somewhat get involved in the football side of the business wether that is a good thing is debatable and certainly won't work with Jim Popp around.

I share your frustration as a fan your left cheering for an org that is run like a secret society. You kind of left wondering if they have a secret handshake :slight_smile:

That afternoon years ago when one of the Journal reporters published the active roster for the upcoming game and Don lost his mind and locked them out for a week the relationship of the team with the media was destroyed and it never recovered. I am not sure what the answer is but it certainly is not a concern or priority for the organisation. To be fair I would rather the status quo to having a media darling like Maciocia cozy up to the reporters and destroy the football side of the business.

So being that we are dealing with a Secret Society :wink: It is impossible to know anything. All we can do is follow bread crumbs and opine. Would Milanovich have bolted to Toronto if he figured Trestman would leave ? I have to think he would not have, that to me is a good sign, does not mean that an opportunity won't come up but it does not look like Trestman was planning to leave. The hire of Pat Meyers kind of reinforces that as well.

Jim mentioned something cryptic but interesting this week, saying we are at crossroads, unfortunately probably because Herb's communications are email exchanges he did not ask what Jim meant by that but it seems to me to mean that some people have been told to piss or get off the pot. Maybe our owner gave them an opportunity to find a prestigious position in the NFL and if that does not come to fruition he would expect a commitment from his coach.

As for letting him leave well what do you do ? They like our coach and he's not going to walk away from a half a million dollar coaching gig to go mentor college QB's... But this has to end at some point, you can't run a pro franchise in fear or doubt. Doctor Wetenhaul and the fans deserve committed leaders. This year to year thing is not good.

I agree with Jim we are at crossroads but on many spheres. Lalonde has not shown me much in almost a year. I will have a separate thread on my review of the "new" online store but I am not impressed. Web site is still neglected. It does not make sense that you have to keep harassing them year round to keep their information accurate and up to date. Good thing you do too...

Frustrated as you are but I am still hopeful (a little).

In 2009 after Scott Milanovich turned down the Argos job, the Argos asked for permission to talk to Tim Burke and were turned down because it was past the Als' deadline of January 31.

I'm not so sure about that since Barker and Milanovich are supposed to be good friends from what I've read. I remember when Barker interviewed for the Bombers GM position in 2010 and the reports in the Winnipeg media indicated he would have brought Milanovich in as HC if he had been hired.

I took that to be about the number of changes in the coaching staff. For a team that had gone to the GC in 3 of Trestman's 4 seasons you really had a remarkably low amount of turnover in your coaching staff until this off-season.

Were on our 4th defensive coordinator in in 4 years we went from Jones to Burke to Tibesar to someone new this year. How is the defense supposed to have any kind of consistency if the coordinator keeps changing. Im really surprised the als were able to hold on to Milanovich as long as they did

can he not speak french?! :wink:

With regards to the on line store, maybe it's just me, but it came on the site after the seasonw as over. And it seems the merchandise that can be found there could also have been found at the stadium during the season. Two things come to mind; why wait until the season is over when interest is probably at the lowest point? Could this have been done to try and move merchandise that did not sell during the home games?
To me, this should have been up and running by the start of the season.

A thought here, and this is not an anti-CFL comment, just a "state of the union" where the CFL is concered.

The CFL has produced many great Canadian players, but the vast majority of our stars come from south of the border. I am sure that every red-blooded American football player dreams of a career in the NFL. And, given the salaries, the prestige, endorsements, adulation...why would they not? Some end up playing in other leagues "faute de mieux", either because they were cut from their NFL rosters, or because they didn't make the cut, or.... While playing football is their main dream in life and they enjoy playing for this league or that, I am also sure that they keep one eye open (as do their agents!) on other possibilities to get into the NFL. In some cases, the CFL has allowed outstanding players to strut their stuff - Warren Moon, Doug al - and this, eventually, got the attention of the NFL where these players went on to even greater accomplishments.

Unfortunately, and until and unless the CFL reaches a higher echelon, paying players and coaches great salaries...rumours of the departure of this or that player or coach will continue to be the lot of the CFL. Once again, this is not a comment on the quality or excitement value of the CFL game, but it is just not on the same level as the NFL. I sincerely hope that will change one day.

Teams are trying to clear out their existing stock now since the new jerseys will be unveiled by the League within the next couple of months.

According to, you're interviewing Jeff Reinebold for DC. :wink:

Trestman isn't stupid. Whoever he hires will be his man, a guy he feels is capable of doing the work and putting together an effective unit.

And mada7 is right: we've had our share of coaching instability the past four years. We've had four DCs in that time (Jones, Burke, Tibesar, and whoever the new guy turns out to be). In 2008, we lost our receivers coach to Toronto (Elizondo), our linebackers coach to the US college ranks (Casey Creehan), and our offensive line coach to health issues (Vince Martino). Following 2009, we lost our special teams coordinator (Scott Squires), and were forced to fire his replacement (name escapes me) right before 2010 training camp because he wasn't up to the job. Last season, as mentioned, we lost Burke. And now we've had four coaches bolt.

Didn't believe you so I had to check LOL ! and you were not kidding. Rheinbold working for Trestman is really, really hard to imagine. Interesting that teams would deny permission to position coach the right to interview especialy Totonto after what went down with Jones in Calgary.

Well I'm ok with Marshall provided he brings along Doug Brown with him for a GC run :wink:

Didn't believe you so I had to check LOL ! and you were not kidding. Rheinbold working for Trestman is really, really hard to imagine. Interesting that teams would deny permission to position coach the right to interview especialy Totonto after what went down with Jones in Calgary.

Well I'm ok with Marshall provided he brings along Doug Brown with him for a GC run :wink:
Sorry we might need Doug in the Peg the way our offseason signings are going...(or some say not going)

Yeah been reading.... Lots of questions surrounding Joe Mack's work ethics in Winnipeg. I would not be too worried but welcome to our group of fans of "CFL Secret Societies" :slight_smile:

I am surprised Tom Higgins does not figure on list of candidates. He would seem like a good fit with Trestman and with all the attention Trestman is getting from the NFL you would think experienced guys would be banging on the door for a coordinator position with Montreal... Another guy who I'd look at is Joe Paopao who was an advisor to Trestman when he came in the league. There's Gary Etchevery. Looking at the candidates that Als are talking to it very much looks like they are looking for a guy who is a "player's coach".

Sorry for the confusion. My comment was meant as a "tongue in cheek". A few of us had been questioning since before the season started why there was no on line store. With Lalonde as the marketing guru for the Montreal Canadiens back in the Centennial year and all their merchandise for that season, some of us were a little surprised how little was done to get the Als brand out there.
It only came on line just before the holidays....