Coach to QB Radio active longer this season


Quietly, the CFL took steps to improve the communication between play-caller and quarterback this off-season, kiboshing the radio cut-off that used to kick in with 10 seconds remaining on the play clock.

This season, quarterbacks can walk to the line of scrimmage with a voice in their ear to help identify coverages, blitzers, open receivers, and whatever else you can think of all the way through the snap of the football.

The headset is live even mid-play, which allows an offensive co-ordinator, if he so chooses, to yell in a quarterback’s ear where to go with the football while the action is going on.

I had no idea these rules were changed until this article.

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This can really help the less experienced QB's

Might help the QB avoid those back side blind sacks making it tougher to get those sacks. Although, having someone yelling one thing in your ear while you have another plan could be very distracting.

I think it's getting ridiculous. The players should have to execute by themselves.

It's like someone winning the indy 500 in a a gps and radar equipped car that doesn't need a driver. Ok that's an exaggeration but you see where this is going. Where does one draw the line. We say, 'wow what a great read by the QB', turns out it wasn't him, it was the OC up in the booth.

Coaches coach, they direct traffic between the plays, but once the action starts, only the players should play.

What's wrong with hand signals anyways?

I read this a few days ago and was in shock.Like obviously Michell is lieing and I'm sure at the very least there is a code word for,"You are going to get smoked from your blindside, so cover the ball with both arms and hit the deck."

The unlimited use of the QB's helmet communication might be helping the QB's, who've been posting unreal QB Ratings this season. If you're not over 100 (previously the mark of excellence) you're coming out on the rear:

T. Harris: 140
M. Reilly: 116
D. Durant: 111
R. Ray: 108
T. Lulay: 107
B. Mitchell 103
D. Willy: 98 (ouch)
J. Jennings 93 (ouch, ouch)
J. Masoli 91 (triple ouch)
K. Glenn 86 (time to move on)

140? That's just goofy.

Would this be a bad time to point out that the Indy 500 this year was won by a driver primarily because his team kept telling him to go slower and save fuel so he wouldn't have to make another pit stop? :wink:

Don't think I am a fan of this. The QB should have to make all the reads on his own. If the QB has someone in his ear the whole game during the play as well, shouldn't the db that loses track of his man be able to have a coach scream at him that is man is behind him?

Hope this isn't the case.

I agree.
Let it stay live until the snap, and then the QB should be on his own.

Agreed. I had no idea this was going on, if in fact it is.