Coach Taffe and Jason Maas

Tonight Coach Taffe let down his team ,especially his defence ( except for openning drive) by staying with Jason maas ,his numbers at the half 10 for 20 for 123 yards and zero touchdowns!He is being stuborn and making excuses for Jason ,s play,it makes me sick!All of Jason,s long passes are jumpballs that look ridiculous.Jesse Lumsden,s effort was wasted ,he is playing phenominal football .HOW can you say Jason Maas played well enough for us to win ,that game was ours for the taking,not because BC underestimated us but because we were smashing them around.Again Jason Maas did not lose us this game but he sure as hell did not win it for us .Where was Timmy Chang ? as Coach promised ,l believe Coach resents that Chang went public with his asking tobe our starter ,because he has maybe too much confidence and Coach wants to bring him down a notch to prove a point?Stubborn does not make a great coach which l believe Charlie is!!!!!!!

Charlie Taafe did the right thing. Chang is young and needs to watch some games before really being handed the job the starter or come in to win the game. I predict that this will happen this season, don't get me wrong, but it's too soon to push this kid who is just getting familiar with 3 down, 12 man ball. Bring him in if Maas screws up mentally badly or injured but don't put him in to expect to win and be "the man", not just yet.

Stay the course Charlie with your plan, Chang, if he is part of the Cats future, will be the better off for it and as a result also the TiCats. Too many qb's, pitchers, hockey players etc. have been messed up with not the right timing to how they are used in their development, just pushed into something as an organization is pushing the panic button and looking for anyone to fix the leak, regardless of what is best for the person or the team. Attendance should not even be considered in this equation.

I am Tired of People Blaming Jason for everything wrong with the team THAT TEAM Has No Chemistry right now the recievers are blowing there routes Jason was Playing heads up football and Just so all u people who have never played football as a wide reciever know that if he throws deep passes low if the reciever misses or tips it its an INTERCEPTION with the high deep pass its mainly only his reciever can catch it one other thing did u guys even watch the game against Montreal CHANG did nothing when he was giving the chance he got a touchdown and a field goal mass did the exact same thing except Mass also brought us within range lots of times if it wasnt for a missed field goal and a lot of incompletes by CHANG we won against MONTREAL

And I'm tired of people defending a physically disabled mentally soft QB

Look argoconvert, I wouldn't intrepret what people are saying as defending him. What we are saying is he is the most experienced qb with have right now and we go with him and a) he can get the job done and stays as our starter or b) he allows guys like Chang and Williams to watch and learn so they aren't as green when their number is called. Do we wish Maas was someone who is better than he seems to be? Of course. But saying we are defending him isn't the right way to put it, rather we are using him for a few purposes for the betterment of the team and some younger players in the long run.

I interprete as defending the indefensible. Maas has no buisness being in the game. Chang learns nothing from watching him and we are playing offence with one arm tied behind our backs.

Bang your head all you want, Maas is a terrible example and is doing the exact opposite of what we need to bring along a young QB. He makes so many bad decisions its incredible. What a fine thing to teach a protege

I disagree this west coast offense designed around Jason and his lack of an arm is starting to click as long as we can make major yards running the ball if we don't set up the run then we are screwed throwing short screen passes all night long with some up the middle. If Jason goes long then we are done. :roll:


If Chang is truly not ready, don’t you think a better solution to this demoralizing situation with Maas, would be to trade for, buy, borrow, lease…whatever, a veteran CFL QB veteran and dump Maas?
However I think if Chang was brought in now he would make some mistakes for sure. But I cannot imagine him being as bad as Maas.


FANS! :roll:

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I hear what you're saying mr62 but doing this might be too much of an upheaval to the team in my opinion. Just my opinion to stay the course for now and not bring someone else in to replace Maas. Again, just my opinion.

Earl Maas is teaching bad habits. Its not just that he cannot physically play anymore. If he were playing within the system and making good decisions I could almost buy your story. The problem is that he isn't doing that. He's making one bonehead decision after another.

FANS! :roll:

argoconvert, if his decisions were that bad, I think Taafe would get him out of there in a second, like he did in the Als game when he threw that int in the end zone. Let's give Charlie some credit here for knowing what he's doing to the extent what he can do with the situation presented to him at this time.

To argoconvert WHY did you CONVERT?

Thats what makes me so angry. Maas IS making decisions that are that bad and yet Taffe keeps comming back with him

I grew up an Argos fan largely because as a kid Ed Learn rented a cottage 3 doors down and had summer parties wher I met the likes of Bill Symons and Mel Profit. When Bruce McNall came along I bailed

Ok, now you're sounding like some, repeat some, so-called football fans in the Ottawa area. 8)