Coach Taaffe's future... with the Club

We have Taaffe now
Sorry...loyalticatfan, I will support the team and the players, rookie's and vet's. I will support Bob Young, hell, I will even support the water boy. But unless Taaffe, can do what he was brought into Hamilton to do, as Head Coach...I believe the poop falls right into his lap. As it should. The player's must have direction, and the proper instructions from the Coaching Staff. We sure did not see much of that last night. I watched the game on TSN, as it would be hard to get to a stadium that is 4,000 miles away. On TV you could hear the Ti-Cat fans in the background..yelling out things like " I paid good money to see this crap " etc,etc. Who can blame them ? The team has had great support from the fans, even through the dark days of recent years. But I have the feeling that unless Charlie turns it around, and quickly in 2008, the fan base will finally say 'enough is enough'. and flee by the thousands. Bob Young is no fool. Obie isn't ether. The clock is going tic/toc very loud and clear in Steeltown...I'm afraid.

My thoughts on last nights game. :expressionless:

I think Obie will be on the sidelines by labour day to finish out the year. Then he will have his own hand picked HC in place for next year.
I like Charlie but the team still looks the same. Bad penalties, poor execution, slopy tackling, poor play calling etc.

Montreal by comparasion looked like a well oiled and well coached machine. Trestman seems to have caught on fast about the CFL game. The same out in Calgary, Hufnagel has made a differance.

It looked to me like Marcel B. thought he would out think the Montreal DC. They would expect Hamilton to go to Lumsden a lot early and their veteran WR's Miles and Woodcock. That would be logical, but Marcel goes to the rookie WR's Mitchell and Cohen, who may be good down the road, but are still learning the game IMO. To me Hamilton's offense looks overcoached instead of just let them go out a play the game. Let Printers roll out more and call some of his own plays with Woodcock and Miles adlibing. Those guys know how to get open when the QB scrambles. Get the ball in Lumsden's hands at least twenty times a game. Tre Smith can be an exciting player if used correctly.
The good coaches use the KISS system.

Wasn't to impressed with the new look defense. Obie is still not there with what he needs at the DL and the DB position. I hope Moreno was just having a bad game and will rebound. Knowlton looks like a keeper. Some of the new DL's and CB Gordon are just not good enough IMO.

Two players let go by Hamilton DT Hodges and CB Anderson looked very good for Calgary last night.

Oh, and Sandy Beveridge did take the ball away from Armstead.
I expect an apology from Tom Higgins next week. :lol:

Players fault entirely.

If you are on the field goal team
you go out there or alert somebody.

A $50 fine wouldn’t hurt the player much and

it might help him remember his responsibilties.


Offensive line coach Jeff Beamer did the best he could
when he noticed the kicking team was a man short.

He stepped out on the field at the last minute
to alert Marwan Hage that there was a man missing.

Veteran player Clinton Wayne belatedly tried
to get out there but he was too late.

Marwan filled in at the End spot BUT
since his # 62 is not an Ends number

the ref called ‘illegal formation’ No End.

Maybe all those walk through practices should have been hard nose practices. We sure weren’t as prepared as well as the Als. :roll:

I checked my 2008 schedule and I am sure Thursday's game
was just the first game of the season. Was I wrong?

For any Hamilton fans disappointed with Taafe holding that look of disbelief and confusion, I invite you to watch Saturday's game, where our HC Maciocia will probably look the same way when even an aging Crandell dissects our defense.... It'll warm your hearts to know that you have 30-40,000 Edmonton fans who understand and sympathize. Or maybe you'll get to laugh because you'll be reminded that you still don't have the absolute worst coaching in the league yet!

I think that the 0-4=Taaffe gets the hook equation IS in play if the next three games are as abysmal as the first effort. There has to be a marked improvement in team discipline re penalties and reducing blown assignments, particularly on defence. I do not like the fact that with one of the best -- if not the best -- deep-ball throwing QBs in the Canadian game that this offense can't seem to stretch the opposing D on a consistent basis. I was very disappointed with last night!

Oski Wee Wee,

The Lister Block or the Tiger Cats - What get's fixed first? I am betting on the Tiger Cats - City council could not arrange a two car parade!

I predict Charlie will be gone by September at the latest. Sorry to have to say it. I don't think he has grasped the Canadian game yet and I don't think he has control of the team.
Can anyone point to a single sign that things will get any better this season with Charlie as HC?

Only one from my vantage point, mr62cats. Printers was much closer to the 2004 MOP form of old than he was in his brief run last year. The difference between the engineer and the rest of his crew was in pretty sharp relief last night. As long as the most important position on one’s football team is being performed at a high rate, there is room for optimism.

That being said, football is the ultimate team game and having star power at pivot isn’t enough to hide glaring weaknesses in scheme and execution (Joe Namath and the early seventies Jets a classic example).

Oski Wee Wee,

Short answer at this point would be no; and I think you’re being generous with September…I’d say if it’s 0-3 (and I certainly hope that is NOT the case) then he’s toast.

Problem is who do you replace him with? The guy who ran one of the league’s worst defences in Calgary last year or the offensive coordinator who runs such a dull boring and predictable offence that fans in Saskatchewan and Montreal were delirious with joy when he left their respective teams? Obie, at his age?


I'll bet Obie already has someone waiting in the wings. Maybe as a temporary fix until a coach for the future is available.

Whatever happens, please - do NOT install Ron Lancaster as 'interim' coach. Please.

While I really wouldn't care if they let Taffe go, I've never seen a team turn their season around with a head coaching change made during the season. UNless they've got a solid prospet in mind who will continue to coach this team after the season don't bother. You bring in some new guy for a half a year, and then hire a new HC next year? I've seen that movie already with this organization.

8) I think you can rest assured that Lancaster will not take over as interim coach again !!!
 If Taffee is relieved of his duties, then the only logical man to take over till the end of the season would be Obie !!!!  As the head coach he would see first hand and up close what players he will replace for this season and for next year !!!  

 If it happens, it won't be pretty !!!!
If Taffee is relieved of his duties, then the only logical man to take over till the end of the season would be Obie !!!!
Tipper....My thoughts exactly. 0 and 3 and I think Obie is on the sidelines.
If it happens, it won't be pretty !!!!
I have to disagree...If anyone has to come in, the guy I would want to see "is" Obie, and make Danny Mac O/C. Very few in the CFL can read defence's like he can. The 2008 dream team, as far as coaching goes... But let's take it a game at a time, starting next week in Toronto.

Obie should have replaced Taaffe before the Season started.... Taaffe is a total idiot and from his actions so far I'd say obie is the Same....

Well I know why taafe looked dazed and confused. its quite simple actually! I would be dazed and confused if I was the HC of the tiger cats last night as well. If this doesnt work out and Obie does decide to get rid of of taafe I would personally like to see D mac in the HC or the OC spots.

I agree 100 % Charlie - should have had his team prepared more than the effort I witnessed on Thursday night. One thing I noticed was a lack of intensity - concentration and more importantly - NO ADJUSTMENTS BY OUR DEFENCE AFTER HALF TIME!

I say bye bye Charlie .....

A temporary fix? isn’t that an oxymoron?

In the words of Groucho Marx.

'that is the most ridiculous thing

I have ever hoid.’ :smiley: :lol: :oops:

Ron is right

  • I don't want to see Taffe get satisfaction rolling his big head in to Stewart's office at West Virginia.

Stewart: Ok I said once Charlie arrives your taking over the QB coach...position

Taffe said he was going to fix this. Well fix it GDI! If he has to take the crayola crayons away from Marcel and draw them himself...and while your at it Charlie, why don't you try calling the plays yourself.

I suspect there is a deal in place to let him walk at the end of the season anyway.