Coach Taaffe

I've always wondered if Charlie Taaffe ever checks in to this site. I have also wondered what Coach Taaffe's favorite sayings to his players are? Most great coaches have certain phrases or sayings that they generally use to provide positive or motivational input to a players education. I know from coaching myself that 'Well done', or 'Great team work', or 'Excellent attacking', or whatever, is the norm but there are some coaches who can come up with some great sayings.
I once had the opportunity years ago to be in the Kitchener Rangers dressing room and happened to notice on the chalkboard and never forgot it as at that time I was a level 3 soccer coach and was grooming a team. The message read as follows....' If I tell you that you are and ahole then don't listen me, but if I tell you why you are an ahole then you better listen or you will continue to be an a**hole forever '.
I never forgot that and every time I get a good look at Coach Taaffe it seems to come back to me because it reminds me of his approach to coaching.. It would be interesting to learn some of Charlie Taaffe's techniques. I honestly think that Charlie Taaffe is a coaches coach, someone that other coaches try to emulate and learn from.
I would really think that he doesn't need the fans to tell him how to run the team, but I was always curious if he even had a peek.