Coach Taaffe......three time coach of the year

Hey, it may sound far fetched, but don't discount it.
With the youngest team in the league, you need a coach that can develop the young players and handle the veteran players. Charlie is a subtle, but firm coach. Not only is he very knowledgable, organized, structured, and fair but he also commands respect. When he talks, players listen. He's not a screamer and he doesn't have to be. He sure has impressed me.
If he can get this team into the playoffs and who knows after that, Charlie will have a chance to get his third award. :cowboy:

Right now it become a Popularity Contest.
Taaffe won't get it ..

Watch Pinball or Buono win it..

Did he get tired of being U2's frontman? :wink: [/b]

I thought he was killed while skiing some years back.