Coach Taafe Give Timmy Chang the start against B.C.!!!

Coach Taafe give Timmy Chang the starting QB job against B.C. this week and let Maas be back up.

I believe that Timmy will prove himself at BC Place that he is capable of running this offence. I think what all the QB's in Hamilton need is some competition, but Timmy seems to be very willing to take on the #1 spot at QB and prove himself to our fans, he's going to be a great QB in this league if given the opportunity and hopefully a player that Hamilton hangs on to for the near future.

We are behind you Timmy, Jason and Richie now let's get the job done!! Go Cats Go!!

Our you kidding the kid will get lit up like Christmas Tree by that BC Defence..

Where making good Strides with him off the bench help gain his Confredence .
Throwing Chang to Lions is a Mistake..

Agreed..but for different reasons.
Chang should start because BC knows all about Maas, his weaknesses and how to shut him down.
Chang will be an unknown to BC. I don't think Chang will be knocked off his game by BC. If he is well...there's always Richie Williams.

Man, I'm really getting tired of this. Let me start off by saying that I am a Chang fan and I look forward to him one day being our permanent starter. However, that time is NOT now. Maas is paid the big bucks and should be the one to shoulder the pressure of being the starter. It is much easier to come off the bench as the back up QB. This is where Chang belongs while he learns this game and gets used to the CFL. Very few quarterbacks in this league came in a starters. Almost all current starters were backups for a period of time. Chang needs to do this as well.

On top of all of that, this is going to be a short week, very little time to prepare, do you really want to throw a rookie out against the best team in the league with minimal time to prepare? That would be pretty thoughtless.

Yeah, I was all for Chang starting the game against Montreal, and I see him being a star one day in the CFL if he decides to stay, but given the way that he finished the game last night with a string of incomplete passes, I don’t know. That really would have been something had he managed to orchestrate a drive to give us the win, but he did the exact opposite, so I think he shouldn’t start.

That said, who here believes we have a chance of winning against B.C.? I say we give Williams a fair chance at showing us how he can function as a starter. Despite the hopelessness of the situation, we may end up being pleasantly surprised.

"Hi fans, Charlie here."

"Jason will start against BC. End of story!"

Intersting perspective, I had a chance to talk to a BC player, and I posed this question to him. Who would you rather line-up against, Maas or Chang. Specifically, I asked "which QB scares you." After a chuckle and "none of 'em scare us" he said that basically the defense would be drooling to get at Chang, or any rookie for that matter, use more hidden plays, even take a penalty to throw him off and "beat him senseless".(a welcome to the CFL kinda thing.)
Anyways, just talk from a Lion, I know, but still interesting. Either way Go-Cats-Go no matter who's at QB.

As this is a huge mis-match, I vote for starting Chang. What the heck? Maybe something miraculous will occur.

i think you're gonna see a lot of both maas and chang for now until it comes to light who has earned the starting position.

coach you need more than timmy in there you need to get some o-lineman from hawaii cuz these guyz know how to pass block and they play like warriors,second if chad owens don't make the roster for tampa then you need to reunite him with chang because these guyz can tear it up plus owens can bring to the house on kickoff and punt returns

straignt up put timmy now....
people want wins they dont want to here excuses about this team being new and that the coaches job is hard...everyone knows need timmy now...or else you'll just see a team gets better than themselves but can't get the job done to win. All else winning is all that matters.

Look we have seen a lot of Jason Maas, maybe all too much but now we have a young gun in Timmy Chang I for one would like to see this guy be given the opportunity to start the game and not always be the back up guy. I could see it if he was backing up a QB like Anthony Calvillo, or Dickerson but not Jason Maas because Jason is just a back up in mind until he proves otherwise that he can run this team on his own, so in other words we have three back up QB's in Hamilton!!!!

Eat Em Raw in BC.

Timmy is going to that vs the #1 Defence in the league.
Not a Chance in hell He do that.
Throwing Chang to the lions
is like going to zoo and Climbing
into Tiger cage with raw meat
Strapped to your body.

The kid will his confidence Shattered..
Last thing we need is Chang Hurt
Then we have Two Hurt QB.
If we going are to Start Chang
Wait Till next week vs the Peg.

I am Shure Charlie will give some time in BC.
Like he done in Every game.

In today's Toronto Star (Monday 16/7/07), Taafe is quoted as saying Maas will start in BC but that Chang will get in at some point.

I guess what he means is that Chang will get in when the game is beyond reach. Like he does every week. :lol:

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