Coach T and Dejardins Have to Go!

Before you get all upset this is not a rant!

Dejardins has done the job that was needed for quite some time. The Cats needed a new locker room. Dejardins has done that. He cleaned house. He even brought in some fine help i.e. Setta, Moreno, Printers. He's done a great job in that respect, but he's not a the man for the future. He's made some questionable changes and has questionable methods i.e. treatment of Morreale and Hitch. He doesn't seem to bring calm to the storm and for that reason alone he's got to go. We need a captain that will tell us that our ship will come in despite the obvious hole in the haul. He's not been able to do this to date.

Taafe on the other hand never believed he had a good team. He said right from the get go that it was unrealistic for the Cats to make the playoffs? In an eight team league you always have the possibilty of making it to the playoffs even with a losing record. Taafe did not assemble the right people to get the job done i.e Ed O'Neil (aka Al Bundy) and his other coaching staff. No heads rolled and they should have. He's looked like a deer caught in headlights for the entire season. It's easy to win coach of the year when you inherit an established team. But a good coach can always make lemons into lemonade. Taffe seems to be munching on the lemons.

Now I do believe both gentlemen have done a lot to put us in a good position for next year, but they clearly aren't going to take us over the hump. Bob Young cut these men loose and get the team ready for next year. The sooner the better.

I guess neither going should be an option too. Please state your case.




It's clear we just don't have good enough players in certain positions. Our entire secondary (with the exception of Cody) probably has to be replaced, plus we need a starting LB to go with Moreno and Armour, and two new DT to bring pressure up the middle. I like our O, except for Woodard, and I think we also need to add a legitimate starting receiver to compliment Ralph, Armstead and Bauman.

The only two "decision-makers" who should be guaranteed a pink slip after this season are the D-Coordinator and Special Teams coach.

If we continue to stink next year, then Desjardins and Taafe should be fired.

neither also.

We all wanted change after last year...thats what we got.

How many more "next years" can we take......
I'm not for firing for the sake of firing...but I am for making dang sure that we have the right guys in the right places before we have another disgraceful season..........

Answers? I dunno. But 2 and 13 next year and I'm gone....after 43 years.....I can't take it anymore.

Just Desjardins - Vince Lombardi couldnt coach this group of misfits.

Marcel has got to go... bad hire, all talk, cant make a trade to save his life.

Send him packing.

If you can "turn" your "I'm a die-hard fan" off and on like water then you never really were a fan and you might as well not even bother waiting till "next year" and go watch golf. Being a TRUE FAN is sticking with your team through thick and thin... very much like a marriage... they both have their ups and down but you tough it out!!

Just my $0.02

Do you turn your water on and off every 43 years???


You said I am not a die hard fan because I could desert the team like turning on water.......I said i have been a fan for 43 years.
My frustration is not that of a fair-weathered fan.

This is serious.
This is the most embarrassing team we have ever had over a 5 year stretch.
Sit back. Enjoy. Pay your money.

I want to know when we can knock all the fans that start these just continues to promote negative thought.
If you want to get rid of your seasons tickets then let them go.....if not, take it like a fan and sit tight....everything turns around eventually......Rome wasn't built in 1 day.

No I did not… please go back and read my post again!

If you can accept being the laughingstock of the CFL year after year after year without having anything negative to say or without criticizing anything than you are not a true fan....

TRUE FANS expect excellence. TRUE FANS demand quality.
TRUE FANS are proud of the Tiger-Cats and cannot stomach being the embarrassment of the league.....

If you can accept this losing and be happy and pay your money and go to a game...then YOU are not a true fan.

If you can "turn" your "I'm a die-hard fan" off and on like water then you never really were a fan and you might as well not even bother waiting till "next year" and go watch golf
I will ref here, thats what you said. You insulted a 43 year fan by saying he never really was a fan. whew, thats settled.

I never said I "accept this losing" I merely am saying IF you have the ability to turn your love for the team off at a moments notice then you have not been a true fan, but merely a "fairweather".

Of course as a paying fan you have the right to bitch and moan about performance as long as it doesn't cross the line of personal insults (a few posters on here need to learn this) but threatening to leave the fanbase has NO impact on the team or other fans, it's not like the Cat's Brass reasd this stuff and go "OH NO!!".. if you feel that strong leave now, why wait.. is ALL I said!

I NEVER insulted ANYONE, why must you stick your negativity into EVERY post,why don't you go back to bashing MDJ and quit inciting shit!

The Cat's brass should read these posts and they certainly should go "Oh No!!!"....because if they can lose me....they can lose anybody. It SHOULD have an impact.
It would with other businesses which is what the TC are.

and if fans sit back and clap and accept this pathetic excuse of a football team it will not change, bob will continue to put a half assed product on the field and make a profit. Fans should be outraged at this, there is no excuse at all. Its disgusting. How these appoligists come on here and spew this drivel is beyond me, they have to be plants.