Coach Steinauer Media Scrums

I’ve been really impressed with Coach Steinauer and the way he answers questions from the media during his daily training camp updates. He’s precise and tries to answer every question as honestly as possible. Quite a difference from what I’ve witnessed in the past. Total class all the way!!!

But does he have good stories ? The end of the Jones /Glanville era leaves a lot of question marks.

Love him or hate him, IMO Jones left the Ti-Cats a much better team than the one he found when he got here.

I found Jones tried to be/was very honest to the public.

Too honest in some occasions where I thought he should be not so public with some replies.

I don’t know what you think is wrong about being honest with the media, which is really the fans or, at least, the link to the fans.

So far, I think Orlondo is handling this part of his new role pretty well. He appears to be a little more open, and comfortable, handling the media’s questions, each day.

There was that one time he hinted at the Vernon Adams trade before it was even officially announced. ;D

My original post was meant to be a comparison between how Steinauer handles the media as opposed to how the guy BEFORE Jones handled the media.

You would have to go back all the way to Bellefeuille to hear a competent, professional media interview. Austin could be nasty and condescending while Cortez looked like he would rather be prepping for a colonoscopy than talking with reporters.

8)Yes, I figured that was what you were referring to, the Austin era !! :-[

No comparisons at all, from an angry, belligerent coach to a calm and cool guy now (so far) LOL

Lets hope he stays that way :wink:

Good difference between these coaches indeed and hope Steinauer will maintain his coolness when the issues came.

Win games.

See Belichick, William Stephen

Well said Crash ! Indeed !

Pat Lynch ( We’re on to Ottawa )