Coach Sherman is figuring it out

“We’re not scoring points at the rate we need to win football games,? said Sherman. “I always have concerns about everything that’s not working. Anybody sitting in my chair would be the same way. You do your best to fix it with what you have, or you go get something to help you fix it otherwise.? “When they come back from the bye, we’ve got to immediately address the issues and get us going in the right direction,? summarized Sherman.
[b]Congratulations Coach, it only took you four games to figure out that the offensive coaching staff you have SUCK!, now go and get some real talent like Jeff Garcia, Bryan Chiu, Damon Allen or even shoot for the stars a Mike Reilly who might be open to help out for the rest of the season at minimum.[/b]

Riley said he’s already receiving inquiries about coaching jobs. With teams allowing a 10th assistant, Riley said, he wouldn’t mind being on a coaching staff as a secondary or quarterbacks coach.

“I still feel young and have the energy to do it,? he said.
Coach don't make the mistake of waiting for Kavis Reed to help you out. It won't come.

You`re a total hypocrite spending all your time on the Als site as a so much better Esks fan, giving advise to "you guys", feeling bad for "you guys".

Yet not not one word from you on the Esks site or main forum on Jason Maas' brilliant coaching decision Saturday.

Down 3 points with about 2 minutes to go in the game, 3rd and 8 at mid field, he takes the game out of the hands of Mike Reilly and punts. The Eskimos never saw the ball again.

Watch the personal attacks there Mister.

Personal attack or fair comment?

I post a quote from the Coach. What do you bring? Nothing as usual.

Watch your trolling in another team`s safe haven.

You are the troll. I post a newsworthy comment by the coach that has gone completely unnoticed and you make personal attacks and go completely off topic and write about another team instead of the Als on the Als Forum.

That is the definition of trolling.

Congratulations Coach, it only took you four games to figure out that the offensive coaching staff you have SUCK!

Yeah a real newsworthy comment.

I'm very impressed that he realized this quickly that the coaches he inherited on the offensive side of the ball are incapable of mounting an offense that puts points on the board.

That Sheldon is not trash talk and is not trolling. Anyone who watched the game on Thursdaysaw the night and day difference between the coaching of Elizondo and Jones. I will clarify for you.

1- Speed at which the plays are called in. Much faster for Ottawa
2- Pre-Snap read options constantly used by Ottawa, nonexistent for Montreal.
3- Complexity of the movement behind the line of scrimmage before the snap.

None of this has to do with execution or talent on the field.

Trolling is attempting to elicit a reaction. That is not what any of my posts are about. When the Als do something I think is positive like drafting Johnstone last week. I give kudos when I read that the HC is going to make changes if this offense doesn'tstart putting points on the board. I think that's great. Looks like the era of excuses is coming to an end, at least that is the HC's intention.

You should see that as a good thing.

Your consistent negative posts do elicit reaction. As a non-Als fan they should be limited to the main forum.

And you still wont answer why you dont post anything about your team in the Esks forum.

I refer you to Mad Jack`s suggestion.

I will not discuss the Eskimos on the Als forum

I have broken zero rules I treat everyone here with respect...

Jack is not a moderator or an administrator

Oh. . . so telling me "What do you bring? Nothing as usual."is treating me with respect?

Thanks for clarifying.

And, as I pointed out in my open letter, constantly coming in here as a non-Als-fan and being critical of the Als' ownership, GM, coaching staff, and players violates the 'safe haven' rule.

What did you bring to the topic of the post, which is the HC promising changes if they can't get the offense putting points on the board when they return from "holidays"?


Instead of policing other posters, how about you discuss the football topics Jack.

Folks - I'll talk about it with the other more tenured moderators to make sure I have this right, but the "safe haven" rule doesn't that people who are fans from other teams are A) barred from starting threads in other team forums or B) must only make positive-sounding posts in other team forums. The rule is against trolling / trash talk, not criticism. There's no exact line in between those but I don't think this post crosses it. Debate the criticism on the merits.

Team Forums Are Safe Havens: The forum areas named for the individual teams in the league are 'safe havens' for the fans of that team, and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams. Take it to the main forum (CFL Talk).


This organization has tested the patience of us all over the past several years. This board was a place that we could all come to share the frustration, banter back and forth, try to solve the ways of the organization (perhaps the city) and have a laugh every once in awhile.

I enjoy reading each and every one of your posts and those of others. We all have different ideas, different opinions and thoughts. Some we agree and some we do not.
All in good spirit.

I have sat here for the past couple of hours trying to figure out how we can all get back to somewhat common ground.

Having spent part of my weekend watching a couple of the Lethal Weapon movies that were showing, it came to me.

Enjoy the day.

Thanks sully, been here for 13 years and keep my posts to football. I don't engage in trash talk with other posters. In fact I explicitlytell them that I will not engage in such.

But in the spirit of helping out. I will remove my avatar :slight_smile:

To be fair I can see a statement like "it only took you four games to figure out that the offensive coaching staff you have SUCK!" is not particularly helpful and would get these criticisms of your post started, but I thought there was also other content in the post that made it worthy of reading. It is a tough time to be an Als fan so I can't particularly blame people here for their reactions either. So we're all blameless!

Aside from making moderator statements - am I the only one who thinks Coach Sherman is actually doing a pretty good job? He has to make use of the pieces he's given, and aside from the ugly week 2 blowout I think he's done a good job keeping his team somewhat competitive. The major problem in my eyes is that the Als are dead last in the league for time with possession; they spend so much time on the defensive that there's no chance for them to score points.

Thanks sully.

But (and I hope this to be my last word on this) was I incorrect in the following from now locked post:

"I am an Alouette fan; always have been, always will be.

But what if I did this:

(a)neverposted in these Alouette forums;


(b)constantlywent in the BC Lions forums, and told the BC fans things like that their owners are bad and should sell; that their GM is incompetent and give him a silly nickname; that their coaching staff don't know what they are doing; and accuse certain players of being no good.

If you were a BC fan, what would you think of me?

I expect you'd think I was a troll.

And you'd be correct."

He's trying to bring a level of competency and professionalismto the Montreal coaching office. I hope he succeeds for the franchise sake.

You've definitely got a point with the above. I think the only way I could argue against what you're saying is because the Alouettes were almost historically bad and thus are inevitably going to invite extra attention and comments, and that (this hurts to say) most of the other team forums are so dead that there's not a lot of point posting in there.:-\