Coach sets the record straight on Herb's article

Heard an interview, with coach Trestman available in the footblall secion of where Coach took the time to set the record straight about Herb's claims regarding Larry Taylor and Dwight Anderson. The quotes are from radio so not exact but doing my best to be acurate.

Says "I want to address those because of the stuff floating on the internet. Larry Taylor is a great human being, father, family guy and football player but that releasing him last season had nothing to do with any problems with the individual just where the organisation was at that point in the season" ( Winning the GC proves him right).

Says "Only reason DA is on the nine game is because of medical issue SIGNED OFF BY TEAM DOCTORS and nothing else, has there been the odd issue with DA sure but no more than any other during the course of a season".

He did not elaborate on Boulay. Don't know how much time Herb took checking facts and if coach was given an opportunity to respond before print but I hope he did or Herb is still making "friends" on the Als. :wink: