Coach Sal Thank You !

It is very apparent after watching the last few games with our offensive line being coached By Salavantis that our offensive line's play has improved tremendously and even more apparent with all the injuries to our O-Line.Our running game has appeared and our pass blocking has given Maas more time and confidence.
Thank You Coach Sal and let's hope we can keep you as our O-Line coach for as long as you want!The game of football is won by team with the best O-Line and best D-Lines just ask John Madden!

I am saving judgement on the O line until after we play BC. I mean we barely beat edmonton and how good is their record. Lets see what the O line does with a good rushing and sack defense.

Does'nt matter with all the injuries its amazing how its so noticable how much time Maas has. Not only does Maas look healthy but he seems more confident all because of the Oline

Sal has done a great job with the O line just as duane forde and andrew grigg have done a great replacing him on chml.

A few games?

It was glaringly apparent after one game.

The O-line and the running game went from horrible to very good in the span of just one week?

Simply amazing.

Hopefully coach Sal will stay.

The only difference is that Sal is letting the lineman play their own game rather than in a system that they aren't familiar with. Much like in the movie Glory Road when the coach lets the guys play their own game and leads to better play.

Coach Sal said the O-linemen were only taught their own blocks,
and they weren’t informed of the concept of the whole play.

I believe he meant that when they couldn’t get their blocks right
they didn’t know what the next best alternative block would be.

Amen to that ..
Coach Sal is the Great Leader of Men