Coach Sal. on FAN 590

Hogan asked him this AM to explain what was going on in HAM Sal replied.

In the absence of and apart from Maas nobody stepped up There is a vacuum of leadership in the lockeroom not the coaching staff.

O-line is losing at the point of attack.

Eakin looked "starstruck" for which there was "no excuse".

Yeast was uncoachable, doesnt listen, he should have never been asked back this season (thanks greg marshall)

He favours Quinnie.

he dossnt think its the coaching? :? :lol:

In the absence of and apart from Maas nobody stepped up There is a vacuum of leadership in the lockeroom not the coaching staff.

:? me no understand what meant

He's saying that Maas is the only player that gives a &*^, and one of the few that plays with ba**. There is also nobody in the locker room grabbing under-performers by the throat and "suggesting" that they shape up.

is it even possible for him to grab his own throat? because he hassnt been that good eather.

400 yards passing against Montreal isn't good enough for you?

Oh, that's right - you want the only QB in recent history that has been shut out twice in his 4 starts to play...


A chain is only a strong as it's weakest link.

This is a team game after all.

I could agree with that, I know many times he was told to get outside on punt returns but never did. With his speed he should of been dangerous returning.

Such a bad player how did he last so long and how did he have 1000 yrd plus years.

I never said he was bad, I am only saying if he would listen he might be a 2000 + player.

Interesting - that comment seems to suggest that Marshall was made the scapegoat. The locker room hasn't changed enough the past three weeks to have created the vacuum, so it must have been there from the start.

It also seems to suggest that the current crop of assistant coaches are adaquate, which is news for many of the posters on this site.

So if leaders are born not made,...

From my vantage point in TO, Hamilton's always had a few guys who personified TiCat football. Tough, hardnosed leaders like TJ Coffey, Zuger, Barrow and Mosca through the years to Zambiasi, Darren Flutie, Montford, McManus. The kind of guys you loved to hate. I'd be hard pressed to name a similar player on your current roster. You have a few very talented players like Vaughan and Holmes but they don't seem to have the intangibles.

An Argo fan


Who knows what he meant he could have also meant there IS leadership from the coaching staff now.
He was adamant on stating Yeast's return this year was a mistake a decision which was Marshall's

Sorry, Maas is a newcomer still trying to establish a TiCat identity and the other 2 aren't prime time players anymore.

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Maybe Maas wasn't that good because he had Yeast to throw to. Maybe he should have grabbed his throat!

There was lots of times last year that I thought Marshall was going to cut Yeast, or at least blow up at him, but he always seemed to put up with Yeast's silly antics.

I hope Kats resigns Gardner, he said Marshall's lack of talent recognition was the main reason he was let go, so maybe they thought this guy should have been kept.

Having never played football I'm prepared to listen to arguments suggesting it is a totally different team sport than all the rest. However, if one team sport is basically the same as the other in terms of chemistry and leadership, then I'll suggest that none of us arm-chair critics actually know what the 2006 TiCat reality is. Outsiders see what fits their own prejudices or speculation. The players and coaching staff should know what the actual dynamics are all about. Therefore, sitting back in our chairs and typing in random speculation and critique is a frivolous at best and absurd at worse.

Agreed. Good point.

OK, I get all that. But then what is this forum for again?

Deciding who gets fired, discussing how Bob Young doesn't care about the team and just wants our money, complaining about hot dogs, and typing with our faces and then chuckling while other posters try to figure out what we're writing.