Coach Sal o-line

The o-line in my opinion is the number one reason for this horrendous season. The defence at times has played well enough to win but or offence behind this unit has been horrific. The line has looked fat, slow, weak and confused. Never in all my years of watching the CFL have I ever seen a team have so much difficulty with third and inches! I hope coach Sal has enough to work with but if not Marcel should start rebuilding that line immediately! Good luck coach Sal. :thup:

This man Is a Teacher
Plan and Simple..

He's Been a welcome Change at Practice

Lets hope their are enough tools in the tool box.

The biggest mistake marshall ever made was getting rid of Hack. this guy was a proven leader and made the oline what it was. I think his strong personality and power he weilded in the lockeroom was something marshall didnt want to contend with. the bakkers coulters and hacks are needed to make a good oline great and i dont see anyone with the makings of those guys. its a shame.

Unfortunately, Hack QUIT on ther team.

He made this irrational decision because he wouldn't sit out
to allow the Ticats to evaluate Travis Claridge in a game situation.

Putting his foot down re:Travis was one of the best decisions
that Greg Marshall ever made while he was here.

Hack was a nice guy, not a prickly guy
like Yeast, Belli and several others.

Maybe Greg should have put his foot down harder
on other strong negative influences on the team
and he would still be around to fight another day.

Back on topic.

Coach Sal will soon determine which of the O-lineman "want it"
and which of the O-lineman don't "bring it" every play.

If they quit when the team gets behind in the score
Marcel will send them packing and bring new boys in.

Maybe Greg Marshall shouldn't have take the job with the organizational structure as it was lacking the accountability Bob spoke of.
He was the perfect coach for the TiCats experiment - a guinea pig who wanted badly a shot at head coaching in the CFL. The experiment failed, Bob learned and Greg got something on his resume that he otherwise might not have had, a head coaching position in pro ball. And everyone out there knows that Greg was a guinea pig so the TiCat firing is not a black mark on his resume.

Sorry to be off topic, just reacting to the Marshall sentence above.

Hack didnt quit on the team. and i agree claridge was a rock im saying that the oline lacks the leadership that a Hack Coulter and Bakker provide. that is the problem with the oline not so much coaching.

Yes, Hack DID quit the team. By refusing to take a practice roster position FOR ONE GAME, he selfishly put himself before the team.

you guys are funny... all this team crap. when the chips are down and your playing days are over is the team there for you?? Ask archie, jarret smith, ray thomas, trevor shaw or any other player that is chewed up and spit out. ultimately you are your own business and have to make decisions. you claim to be a loyal fan if i asked you to stand outside the stadium when you have seasons tickets so we can get a look at a possibly better fan during the game would you be happy. i doubt it. why do you guys think these guys should pledge their lives to a team in a business where they are always looking for something better or cheaper then you. He didnt quit he was disrespected.

Greg was not a guinea pig, he was in charge of over 40 players and a brand name, the Tiger Cats. Greg is to blame for much of this mess,bad coaching, poor player evaluation and even worse is his assitant coach hiring record.Next year a new coach will hopefully undo all that Greg has done wrong...but it will take time. I'm sure Mr. Lancaster will agree, he's seeing it first hand right now.

wrong, as a season ticket holding fan you are a paying customer. as a player you are an EMPLOYEE. the former can do what he wants the latter should DO WHAT HE'S TOLD.

look its not rocket science by sitting on of your leaders on the pr you are talking his respect away from him and embarrassing him in the lockeroom. maybe hack let the emotions get the best of him but i cant blame him. and in this day and age especially with the tiger cat staff would you trust any of them to tell you what to do? anyways the oline lacks leadership and Hack was a big leader and no one can take that away from him regardless of how he left.

you're right, the next time someone at work slights you at all, walk out.

Depending on the job and the respect i command i might. its all relative really. if my vp hammered me in front of my guys i might leave. if you undermine me or dont respect me i might. too bad marshall couldnt live with the same self respect hack and i live with. listen these guys dont play for the fans they play for themselves their families etc. if a vet like hack is gonna be disrespected and he decides hes had enough i can totally understand.

geez the guy was washed up . why didnt anyone pick the guy up after he was released ??

Coach Sal will get one of our veteran O-line to assert some leadership
or Marcel Desjardin, and the scouting staff will get somebody who will.

Does anybody agree that Mike Mehilic might be that man

if he can still play at a top level? Argos released him.

True maybe he was....but we still dont have any leadership on the oline right now and we need to find guys like him. And that comment is why players dont care about most fans because no matter what they sacrifice people like habman at one point will refer to them as washed up. So why should they play hurt? play for less money ? you need to squeeze everything you can out of the game because the fans and the organization will turn eventually on you. but just to reiterate my point leadership is the problem.